/ ^ 777 $ / or / ^ 7 {3} $ / or the number of luck


    I want to talk about the earnings of a typical telephone application-toys, made for myself and not promoted anywhere.
    The history of the game began in 2008, when all slot machines in the city were banned in our city. Remember their unpretentious design, the crowds of pensioners at the coin receiver, the ringing of the falling five-ruble notes - these were three identical numbers, to the delight of the player and the envy of others.
    The probability of winning from an armless bandit varied from 0.95 to 0.98, depending on the greed of the hosts, and did not give a chance to enrich even the most successful players.

    The situation around the columns was heating up. Relatives of playing retirees protested. Grandmothers spent money fast and fun. As a result, the devices were removed.
    Pensioners went home to grow tomato seedlings, and I wrote an application for myself - a column emulator.

    I repent, I liked to throw piglets, making all sorts of desires. On the day when three sevens fell (maximum win - 200 coins) - Steve Jobs told the world about iOS.
    With the advent of a personal iPhone, I rewrote the application from Symbian to Xcode, from Epoc32 to Cocoa.

    And put it in the store for 1 dollar.

    Good old OpenGL

    Generally speaking, the application was written under OpenGL and used a single low-resolution texture.

    The texture of the first application.

    The rules are simple - throw a coin and get a three-digit number in response. With certain combinations of three digits, they will return the money.
    The conditions for winning money are written on the side of the old pay phone. Yes, nostalgia.

    Go over from 000 to 999 and calculate the probability of winning.
    A simple calculation says that for 1000 rolls we will earn 681 coins. In this scenario, no one will play. Therefore, the following condition has been added to the game algorithm. If 2 identical first digits fall out - the last one is thrown.

    Under this condition, it is already more difficult to calculate the probability of winning.
    I got 1079.

    That is, playing endlessly, every 100 coins bring 8 percent profit. Oh, another thing, interest in such a game will not disappear.

    However, my interest in the application disappeared quickly. The years have passed.
    I changed four iPhones and a couple of rented apartments, and suddenly I remembered my ancient application. How much money did it bring?

    But how much.


    I looked at the screenshots of my ancient brainchild and was horrified.

    Reincarnation game


    The application was rewritten in two days, without using any OpenGL and other Unity.
    The design is stolen from some kind of cartoon game (according to the method described in one of my previous articles).
    I removed the charge, put an advertisement (10 coins are given for viewing the advertisement), for which I apologize, five children require porridge.

    The new application has turned out nicer and more fun.
    Code refactoring was thorough, if not 100 percent, then about that.
    Animation made by native SDK tools.
    Three-dimensional rotation of the coin around the axis - by drawing 8 sprites.
    The shadow of a running girl is borrowed from the network, 6 sprites.
    Stars and coins fall under the influence of gravity with g = 4.0m / s * s.

    For full-screen advertising I use Chartboost, the average advertising income is $ 2 per week.

    I hope you enjoy the game. Good luck to
    everyone .

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