Self-cleaning touch displays may appear in the near future

    The touchscreen display of a mobile phone or tablet is a great invention that has made life easier for many of us. People who prefer mobile devices with a keyboard are getting smaller. But there are a lot of smartphones with touch screens. In general, this is good, but such a display has a significant minus - soiled.

    If you actively use your smartphone, then after a short time it will be similar to what we see in the announced photo. In addition to an unaesthetic appearance, such a display can be a real horror for people who are afraid of viruses. Scientists have long shown that keyboards and mobile phones are some of the dirtiest things in an office or apartment.

    But there is a way, scientists say. And this output can be based on a specific substance - titanium dioxide. In the sun, the compound begins to “produce” free radicals, which destroy the cell walls of bacteria and microscopic fungi. In addition, the same substance destroys fingerprints, removing greasy spots from displays.

    True, in order for all this work to be done, it takes about an hour (time depends on the level of pollution of the display). And this hour the smartphone should lie in the sun. Now scientists are looking for a compound that can work in a similar way from the light of street lamps. I would like to hope that soon we will get a new type of touch displays that will no longer annoy us with fingerprints on the surface.

    Via Dvice

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