Practical Artificial Intelligence Programming

    Rise, vegetables!

    Everyone who hasn’t yet, urgently go and register for the CS188.1x course - “Artificial Intelligence” . The course started on 6.2.2015 and the materials of the second week are already available (the first takes three hours - it is introductory). Justification is accepted only one thing - "I do not understand in English." In this case, you go and start learning English!

    Do not know Python? Anyway, you go and register for the course, begin to listen to lectures and do the first week’s workshop and, frantically, in a hurry and get great pleasure, listen to the short python course (ok, python).

    Do not believe / deny / are afraid of artificial intelligence? Do not be afraid! In fact, the course should be called Computational Rationality, but in fact it studies the maximization of the expected utility of the agent (Oh, damn it! Maximizing agent's expected utility ...) It is

    absolutely real to complete the course. To postpone to "next year, but for now I will tighten the programming" - not worth it. The next year, you still want to go through it again before passing the second part.

    What do you need? Knowledge of English, desire to learn the basics of python. Interest and motivation - guaranteed, awesome course ( here are the reviews ).

    Reviews on the hubs:
    How I decided to slowly learn python, and got into the wilds of CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence (What does the topic with the code do on the megamind ??!?!?!?)
    News from the bowels of CS188.1x Artificial Intelligence
    Overview of the most interesting materials on data analysis and machine learning number 3 (an overview of online courses)

    What is the result?
    • Certificate
    • Confirmed certificate (for money from $ 50)
    • Interest
    • The confidence and knowledge necessary to participate in the Russian AI Cup from (and even getting into a hundred ... well, somewhere near a hundred)
    • A working autonomous car like Google, which, after completing the course, you can keep the Pacman game, where you can program the behavior of Pacman for at least the rest of your life. And other fun environments, gaming and not so - there will be no shortage of practice!
    • The certificate of megamind and permission to post topics on


    PS There are contests there, for example, for the minimum number of passes of the search algorithm while maintaining the optimal result. No prizes: -r

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