“Salary is being discussed with a successful candidate ...”

    Why are employers so disliked to indicate specific salary amounts or indicate "from $ <substantially-lower-market>"?


    1. No money! It is not true. If this is true, then the vacancy should be called “Crisis Manager” and you really shouldn’t spare money on it - if the business is big, if it’s small, it’s time for the director to retrain into taxi drivers.
    2. Suddenly, nevertheless, “canary for a penny pecks and so as not to eat, but to sing”?Belief in a miracle is always alive among our people. Miracles sometimes appear in the form of enthusiastic students or uninhabited residents of the outskirts or neighboring states, who, having looked around, gained experience, and most importantly, having gained self-confidence, go to places more adequate to their abilities. The cries follow them: “Traitor!”, But they don’t hear. But the echo like the epithets “press” and “m $% ak” in conf / blogs sometimes returns before the eyes of the boss and even sticks to the image of the company. It happens that the boss in time realizes the need to raise compensation, but the sediment still remains.
    3. We don’t need a “guru”, enough of the little boys - the tasks are nothing ...Yeah. It seems to the fund director from the height of his cash-flow arrows. After a while, in the heaped up little boys on FoxPro / Access / Excel / (further with all the stops - not the tools) the “system” will break his head - it's easier to start a new business than to figure it out. Or invite those same "gurus" already for serious money - to rake the stables. Although usually the lesson does not go to good.
    4. We need "raw materials" - we will train and grow ourselves - there are teachers. I respect Such places are needed. But I do not envy: in fact, this is a combination of items. 2 and 3 with corresponding consequences. In addition, fuss with beginners does not inspire all professionals - no matter how they are lost.
    5. What if our employees read and find out ?!The stupid practice of hiding the salaries of employees from each other (for fear of different cars) is very common and based (if we discard the secondary points) on the ancient tactics of "divide and conquer." As a rule, it is accompanied by calls “to strengthen team spirit!”, Which is typical.

    The benefit in a small period threatens to result in a loss in a large one, therefore: “do not spare the tea leaves” ...


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