Idea for a small application

    Hello everybody. (This is my first post on Habr, blah blah blah).

    The thought came to my mind, I want to share it, because I myself do not realize it for anything anyway.

    Preface: many people remember such an educational technique in learning languages ​​- cards. On one side of the card is a word, for example, in English. On the other hand - translation (+ transcription + translation options in different areas, etc.). Those who watched House MD remember that Foreman, when he lost his memory, restored it with cards with the names of medicines (on the one hand, the name, on the other - doses, indications, contraindications, composition).

    Actually the idea: I have never seen such an application for a mobile platform. It's elementary, isn't it? A dictionary of 50 (250) thousand words + interface (white background in full screen with the word, press the button, the screen rotates with the "back of the card" - showing the translation).

    It's probably very simple for Symbian, for Iphone, for Android, for Win Mobile, and even just for J2ME for very simple phones. And here it’s not only languages ​​- any branches of knowledge, the same pharmacology, and indeed any industry where there is terminology))) that is, all branches.

    I haven’t seen such applications, but it’s very cool: you go to the subway, started it on the phone and 500 words passed from Altufyevo to Prague ...

    Have you seen such applications? Maybe I was just inattentively searching? Would anyone like to do this? Does it make sense in your opinion?

    (The idea is distributed as is without any claims for authorship, loot, respect, etc.)

    Thank you for your attention)

    OK. - called MobiTutor, J2ME (@areyh) ( baxtep2 ) ( coldFlame )

    Linguistic - I agree to eat. not looking there. And profile ones? such as pharmaceuticals, mathematics, biology, philosophy, etc., etc.?

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