Facebook has launched a social network for professionals in the field of information security

    Facebook has launched in beta mode a social network for security guards : ThreatExchange . It is assumed that, with the flexibility to customize the visibility of posts, the new network will allow more efficient exchange of information about threats without the risk of premature disclosure, and hence the exploitation of vulnerabilities by bad guys.

    The website itself looks more like a stub and an attempt to stake a place in the light of Barack Obama's recent appeal to the American nation, during which Obama once again spoke about the seriousness of the threat and announced the financing and creation of a federal agency to combat cyber attacks. At the time of writing the topic on the ThreatExchange website, several paragraphs of text and a registration form are available, where you are asked to enter a name, position, work address of the mail and choose your role as the consumer of information, provider or both. After filling out the form, you are once again shown the information that you sent and promise to contact you soon.

    The texts mention the early partners of social programs: Bitly, Dropbox, Facebook, Pinterest, Tumblr, Twitter and Yahoo.

    There is also a reference to the framework for managing data on threats and incidents. ThreatData . The framework consists of three subsystems - these are feeds, a data warehouse and a threat reaction system working in real time and blocking links received from feeds, automatic processing malicious files and the transfer of information to the information security system of a network user company.

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