As we explained to children who a programmer is

    He is hairy, unshaven, and a very programmer

    @bobuk showed Spider-Man and said that IT people save humanity. Because they help solve problems. And as an example, he cited Leonardo da Vinci with his helicopter. Children did not remember the helicopter, but the spider-man jumps on the screen appreciated. And still everyone recognized Notch, who wrote Minecraft in almost the same mug.

    But let's start first and tell you what led us to discover the source of the Taxi game, to sew buttons to sausages, and to tell a whole crowd of children about the difficult and dangerous profession of a programmer.

    Autumn Yulich lesnikova, with whom we had long been familiar with her educational activities at Digital October, decided to cut a children's educational project. Well, she called us, Mosigra, because we have games. Of course, it became wildly interesting for me, and I took part in the preparation a bit.

    She already told the idea ( here and here ). The meaning is this: a good educational project, where a teaser lesson is first made with cool dudes who talk about their profession. Then - links to the nearest circles, books, didactic materials and so on, to study at home yourself, as a child inserts to become someone from the teaser. So that he does not just dream, but also takes a soldering iron in his hands, for example.

    First, Yulich called Durov through friends. Someone said that he simply did not answer such requests, someone asked clarifying questions. But in the end he was gone. Although just showing his face is already +3 to the child’s development skill. Then all the others were added (Kodabra, Yandex, Parallels).

    As a result, the circuit loomed as follows:
    • Bobuk makes a scary face and tells how to save the world. Children rushing, they drag.
    • Parallels in the person of a girl talks about the fact that it is not necessary to be a kid in order to program.
    • And Kodabra completes the first short lesson in the children's programming language, where after 5 lines of code you can already see a beautiful picture.
    • And I make sure that the children do not fall asleep, and play with them.

    IDE: state of the game and editor of a very high-level code

    On technical runs - a wild delight. The project got the team of Kira Taubert. The feeling is that a group of thoughtful shadowrunners came in, evaluated all the risks and closed them. They climbed the hall in millimeters. I do not know their specifics, but it was felt that they were extremely attentive to details and specific: and this, regardless of the sphere, always pleases and gives rise to confidence.

    Of the features - it was very difficult to drive the game into the table on stage for 6 players. Kira threw one gooproch onto the beam from above, and we spent half an hour trying to stick a playing field on the server cover. As a result, when it was necessary for me to go out, one comrade put the table on the stage under the camera, and I covered it with a lid with a field lying behind the curtains. Happened.

    Lesson itself

    There were approximately 600 registrations in the hall (in fact 350 people came from them). I arrived in 40 minutes, and there were already people in place. Without thinking too long, we began to play with the children pirate penguins for desires - most often for something like “the loser makes a somersault”, “the loser stands in his arms” and so on. Because well, nafig these logic games for children who came to learn to code. They have every chance to beat me. And all instagrams:

    In the background, children collect robots from Lego

    Then they played erudition in “Answer in 5 seconds”. It was important, the children should have seen that playing it is simple - the fact is that I prepared special questions for testing knowledge after the lectures of colleagues. Testing knowledge in the game is very cool. The child will think for another day how it would be possible to answer better, and as a result he will unearth everything on the subject.

    Mann, Ferber and Ivanov decomposed nearby with their bookstore. Then I saw their sales and regretted that we did not bring our shop:

    Then it started. The hall was almost full, when suddenly a whole group of girls entered the formation. They all were so struck by their views that it was impossible not to look back. This is the future information security of our country, specialized courses, get acquainted:

    Here Bobuk from Yandex shows a commonplace case in the life of a programmer - you need to solve the problems of mankind:

    Here is his report completely, it is cool and very motivating at any age:

    Yulich was only a little worried at first.

    Then we played Taxi on stage - this is a game especially for seven-year-old programmers, and I talked about it . In the end, we thought and decided to take and give all the sources to the public domain, so that you can safely make the same house. And they did .

    Then Anna Melekhova (a development girl who writes a virtual machine) from Parallels spoke:

    Here it must be said that in the hall there were special honeypot children of different ages who evaluated the comprehensibility and interest of each speaker. Here they didn’t enter at all, what’s the problem: before the lecture began, it turns out that none of them even thought that a programmer was just a male profession. Therefore, this is an example of a performance for parents only.

    At that moment, the children got into a fool and began to troll with questions: “What is better: Python or C ++?”, “Do you know how to write in the outdated PHP language?”. No one asked a question about the guinea pig, but I waited, I really waited.

    Then we played again. On the screen of the question, the child has 5 seconds to answer. Everything is as in the dashboard, only the questions are not out of the box, but specially selected.

    Here they are, you can try playing with your child right now
    - Name any three websites (oh, I was expecting a lot here, but the answer was simple - Google, Yandex, Yahu!)
    - Name three places for the programmer to work (so far everything is simple)
    - Name three steps you need to take to weld borsch (the first difficult question: you need to break down the procedure in steps).
    - Name three steps to put a giraffe in the refrigerator (here the girl knew everything and even called four - open the refrigerator, remove the elephant, put the giraffe, close the refrigerator).
    - Name any three robots (a difficult question, but the children did it).
    - Name three computer games (easy! But no, the guy was confused).
    - Name three puzzle games (also easy)
    - Prime numbers are those positive integers greater than one that are divided only by themselves and by 1. Name three prime numbers (this was the most difficult question).
    “And now three more primes!”
    - What are the three steps to raise an elephant in a balloon (we continue to algorithmize the processes, for now it's simple)
    - What are the three steps to sew a button on a sausage (raise the degree of difficulty - we learn abstractions. It was easy to cope with, children’s thinking is more flexible than that of adults).
    - Name any three computer engineers (Notch, Bill Gates, Steve Jobs).
    - Name three phone models (easy)
    - Name three computer companies (easy)
    - Name three parts of the computer (easy)
    - Name three things a home robot can do (a dream came true in my eyes)
    - Name three things that the robot should not do (I was waiting for “drinking, smoking and swearing,” but it was simpler).
    - Name three items that can be printed on a 3D printer (a difficult question)
    Well, without comment:
    - Name three places where you can meet a programmer
    - Name three things that can be repaired by a robot
    - Name three games that you can play against the computer
    - What are three things a programmer can carry with him
    - What are three favorite school subjects for programmers
    - What are three languages ​​a programmer can know

    Run, we check how younger children will react to the game "Taxi" on the screen. Little Vera cannot navigate in a vertical plane, so she tries to get her back to her (in the direction of the car) and step, and then look, she needs left or right.

    And then Kodabra with his code workshop. Here is a presentation .

    All. Further after the lesson comes offline, that is, different links and manuals. Here is what was found and how the parents helped:

    Plus they asked me what games it is better to take for development (I again regretted that we didn’t have an exit shop), here they are . Before March, we have a 10% discount on the online store for all games (even adults), please note.

    And finally, everything. Although not, if you suddenly know something cool for children (a book, a link, a course, a toy like a programmable moon rover - whatever) - send them to Yulich at or right here in the comments, please. They are picked by live children, Oleg playforfoodz will ring them (it was he who checked the links above), and as a result they will be included in the set of links for further development.

    By the way, Oleg rang all the schools where the IT classes were supposed to be according to the plan, trying to enroll a child there - and brutally broke off, because in a few places everything was ready. But I think he’d better tell himself.

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