Record of the webinar “Fundamentals of the architecture of modern servers”

A very experienced instructor of our CA Andrew Cheredarchuk, says this webinar:
∙ on the basic components of modern servers and their impact on system performance.
∙ also discusses server management methods, issues of installing the operating system on a separate server, the principles of infrastructure monitoring.

Webinar Recording:

Under the cut, a detailed program of the past webinar, as well as an entry to the low-budget, offline 2-day course "Fundamentals of Modern Server Architecture" of the same instructor


1. Classification of servers of the HP Proliant family. (10 minutes)
a. Functional rulers (ML, DL, BL, SL)
b. Form factor (tower, rack, blade, mini-blade)
c. Generations (Gxx, Gen8)

2. Main components. New Features in the Gen8 Server Line (35 minutes)
a. System bus
b. CPU
c. RAM
d. Disk drives
e. I / O devices
f. Accelerators
g. Presentation: online and offline diagnostics

3. Server management (15 minutes)
a. ILo Server Management Interface
b. Blade system management interface.
c. Presentation: connecting to a server, using virtual power, virtual media etc.

4. Preparing the server for operation (15 minutes)
a. RBSU configuration
b. RAID controller configuration
c. Using Service Pack for Proliant
d. Presentation: server configuration steps, updating a set of drivers

5. Infrastructure management (15 minutes)
a. Smart infrastructure
b. Using System Insight Manager
c. Presentation: SIM

On February 18-19, 2015, the MUK UTs (Kiev) will host a fully-fledged practical training course "Fundamentals of Modern Server Architecture"
Seminar moderator: Andrey Cheredarchuk
Due to various crises, this course will only now be low budget. Due to the current jumping rate, we announce the prices by mail:
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