How we did a single on Ubuntu Studio 14.04

    From the creators How we created the single on Ubuntu Studio 13.10 . The second single we did also on Ubuntu Studio 13.10 , so we did not want new adventures. And ripened to them only in the fall. We repent, but KXStudio did not try. By
    objective reasons.
    So we are waiting for articles about this distribution from other habroyuzer.

    Immediately Conclusions

    Xubuntu has become more raw and more buggy than default, and Ubuntu Studio is more and more raw than Xubuntu . I noticed since I'm sitting on Xubuntu + LXDE . I will install Xubuntu on my laptop and in it a low-latensy version of the kernel with software and plug-ins.

    I specifically catch up with the drama in the article for those who are just about to embark on this path. Free software is free software, no one owes you. Sometimes you have to dig or inconvenience for some time. For me, as it was true, the following remained: “There is no OS for creativity, except Linux , and its prophets were developed by Ardor .”

    How it was

    Raising the penguins and mixing involved the man who is in the picture above. He is a guitarist. And I write, because the writer and the praiser of his exploits. Therefore, flaws and inaccuracies are not excluded. Write in a personal.

    Iron was the same as in the previous article.

    I am glad that the software, in particular, Ardor is developing. But there are problems, so where without them?

    We have already met this.
    Bought fresh Ardor 3 did not open old projects. By the method of scientific poking, we found a solution: we opened it in Ardor 3 from the Ubuntu repository. He deleted, as he liked, several sound files from the project. He sometimes does this without such a chic occasion, by the way. The project broke just once. Falls from time to time, so save yourself more often.

    Detective story: gray cardinal of plugins. Calf
    plugins created a union. They did not want to work when they were used more than 5 pieces at a time. And that was the backbone of our proletariat. But the backbone did not care, they had humanism and
    Error in `/opt/Ardour-3.5.380-dbg/bin/ardour-3.5.380': corrupted double-linked list: 0x00007f570800e590
    So the process got up.

    They began to look for a secret plug-in leader and mastermind. The first suspicion fell on the FFT library ( discussion on the Ardor forum , discussion on GitHub ). It was called by a bunch of plugins, there were obviously bugs in it and the authors were not going to do anything. We waited for Ardor updates with a crutch solving the problem with FFT . But Calf went on strike.

    The method of scientific poking and tambourine did not help. There are only two tools left - to put back Ubuntu Studio 13.10 and prayer. We started from the second, and the main developer Ardour Paul it heard . He wrote that the problem is in Calffrom the repository in Ubuntu . And if you install a fresh version, the union will cease to be outrageous. We installed the Calf experimental branch , at the same time we updated the TAP plugins just in case. True, in reality this was not enough, and I had to shoot to remove the old set of these plugins. Then move the new Calf to the correct folder.

    I'm too good to export your pathetic pseudo-music attempts!
    Yes, one of the Ardor projects refused to export to a sound file. Like,
    Exported ended unexpectedly: Exception thrown by AudioGrapher::SilenceTrimmer: process() after reaching end of input
    Export ended unexpectedly: Exception thrown by AudioGrapher::SilenceTrimmer: process() after reacing end of input

    Debug was pointing to the Jack server . Before my eyes there were thousands of mistakes and grabbing the head / heart / tambourine. "Let's put 13.10 back." And the decision was simple - do not put the playback and rewind bands exactly at the beginning. Apparently, somewhere division by zero arose.

    Developed know better
    One of the ladspa plugins has changed the logic of work and now the bass sounds different. So presets are good, but not forever. They could not reproduce the old sound exactly. I myself had heard about this before, but I personally encountered the first time. Gimp

    It turned out to attract a professional designer only to the first cover, so they did it themselves. But the feeling that there is not enough tools, did not appear. Not enough skill.

    At the same time, we
    performed at the Novosibirsk SFD-afterparty with Ardor on a laptop. Through it was a project with a rhythm section, as well as a synthesizer. One time, Ardor still crashed while trying to start a project. I had to talk with the audience while they restarted him. We decided not to speak like that anymore.


    We made the third single. I don’t see the point of giving a link to it. Unless if they will strongly demand. It sounds better, but not dramatically compared to the past. I never learned to sing, the microphone is the same Behringer for 500 rubles, and the Rinon monitors I got myself only a few days after the release.
    by the way
    he immediately listened to our notes on them and was sad. Said next time would be better

    Instead, add video content just for lulz :
    he is here
    Here is the first part of the Ardor guitar guide from the sound engineer:

    A little chronicle of the record and information. To better understand who did all this:

    freebie with a party that doesn’t work out normally

    continue to freebie. By the way, I couldn’t add two tracks into one, I had to do it normally. I don’t remember what exactly is the matter, but it didn’t sound very good, and instead of cutting, you can also use the built-in midi.

    prepare the equipment for recording the guitar


    Plans and further work

    From a useful community - Rinon is building a new drum library, piece by piece. She will be free and better sounding. Yes, share some good free hat and volume samples, we just can't find the normal ones! The rest is there. Still preparing screencasts for Ardor and Hydrogen . We also spread the parts of the songs on the github , all the songs under CC-BY-SA 4.0.

    PS Share in the comments your experience with music on ubuntu-based distributions, finds and victories. And please give links to groups that make high-quality music on free software. Surely there are.

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