School reform in software

    Some time ago, our dearest government was shocked by the total use of pirated software in our vast schools and universities. In this regard, as you probably know, all kinds of forums were held negotiations, and for some reason I was sure that the choice would be made in favor of free software, it was about him that all this time.

    And what was my frustration when I read the following article
    and its official source
    I would not say that I am an impressionable person, but I was simply struck by the manner of our officials from mines. education so brazenly and openly, without embarrassing anyone, to “absorb” money from our vast budget (from our pockets).
    In general, as usually happens in our country, the winner in the tournament between common sense and the good of society on the one hand and the greed of officials on the other, is announced ...

    And the point is not which product to choose, but that the money will be spent not on that to improve the quality of education, and to pay for someone’s licenses (no matter whose) and fantastic kickbacks in the pockets of officials.

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