How I started using Twitter

    In general, twitter is a strange thing. Many who heard about him - went to, read the description, asked themselves the question “Do I need this?” and left :) I was no exception. After registration, I poked a lot, even wrote something on Twitter, did not find anything useful for myself and left.

    A month after that, I thought. How so? If it is so useless - why so many people use it? So I began to seriously study this issue.

    So why?

    Held a short review and ... Eureka! It turns out there is such a thing as follow. I had seen her before, but I did not attach any importance to her. But here everything is quite interesting. There is a group of interesting people who use twitter. They inform each other about their achievements, thoughts, activities, and others can respond to their messages. But what’s great - you can just take and gradually join any group!

    Communication in ICQ, correspondence by Email - things where you should answer, maintain a conversation, etc.

    Twitter does not oblige you to anything. You write, to whom it is interesting - can answer. You read - answer only what is interesting (if you have something to answer).

    How to join?

    To start using twitter, you must, of course, register :), and then follow interesting people.


    Twitter has its own terminology. There are people who receive your updates (followers me / followers) and there are people whose updates you receive (following me).

    I will not translate follow, otherwise it may not be clear.

    To get someone else’s updates, you need to go to his page and click follow. To see addressed to someone, you must follow the one who writes and the one who receives :)

    Where to find interesting people?

    If Habr is an interesting community for you and you like people, then many (most of those who are in top by rating) have twitter accounts. You can try your luck and open (Alias), for example, .

    I found a couple of interesting people, what's next?

    Now you can see who they follow + who follow them. Among these people, you can choose interesting people (based on their notes) and repeat the procedure with new people until you are enough (while you have time to read their updates).

    After that, some people will follow you, and you can write your messages not only for yourself.


    Of course, you can use the web interface (, but it is much more convenient to use various twitter clients.

    I have seen few of them, but still recommend:

    1. Twhirl - a client for under Adobe Air. It seems to be supported on Windows / Mac.
    2. TwitterFox - I use it. This is an extension for Firefox.
    3. They also say that TwitBin is good, but I have not tried it. For example, myVision uses it.

    I DO NOT recommend:

    Twitux is a client for Linux. I didn’t like it at all.


    Twitter undoubtedly should bring you benefits, interesting information, so from time to time you have to get rid of various boring personalities - unfollow them.

    It was my personal experience using twitter. Maybe I haven’t noticed a lot of things, but all the better.

    By the way, you can follow me :-)

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