Sun Tech Days 2010 - continued ...

    Upon returning from St. Petersburg, I already managed to notice detailed descriptions of the past Tech Days. Thanks to the guys for posting more or less high-quality photos, after which I don’t want to show my “soapy” cards.

    But since I promised to continue the front-line news, I will finish the job. The format is the same - "pluses-minuses-neutral."

    So, the second day.

    1. The contingent was very qualitatively filtered out: twice as few people - twice as many minds.
    2. The tradition of gifts continued on the second day - to everyone in the circle "Java: if your language is not Java - you are a radish!"
    3. The stands do not skimp on gifts: dyuka, wallets, T-shirts, flash drives, disks. Earned a JavaFX pen - solved a puzzle - a trifle, but nice.
    4. In the small hall there are such pleasant presentations - no longer than 20 minutes, conversations are interesting and only on business.
    5. Talent Competition is Something! The hall unanimously determined the winner - the guy who sang his favorite song. I wonder if he is on Habré?

    1. We never found the J2EE stand, although we would really like to.
    2. “Dear friends, today there will be enough gifts for everyone, it’s not worth wasting time on a crush” - the presenter was apparently not convincing, who would understand.
    3. Turned off the escalators - not so much as a minus, but strange.

    1. The developers did not announce any special innovations, but they brought to mind all the old technologies. Lovers of novelty could be upset, but personally we were pleasantly surprised by this approach to business.


    Less and quantitatively and qualitatively less, the second day is what it was worth coming to this conference for.

    I will only post logically missing frames:

    The scenery for the Pit Bull music scene
    Music scene decoration

    from the robotics stand.
    Pit bull from a robotics stand

    Serious Alexey, seriously about JWebPane.
    Serious Alexey, seriously about JWebPane

    The Biggest Duke
    The biggest Duke

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