Amsterdam wants to create a green energy company

    The city council of Amsterdam (the capital of the Netherlands) has planned the creation of a “green” energy company, for which it is going to spend about 800 million euros from the sale of shares in the energy company Nuon (Nuon, the second largest energy company in the Netherlands, is owned by the government and is currently acquired by the Swedish by Vattenfall).

    This plan provides for the creation of a wind park along the northern section of the A10 highway and in the area of ​​the seaport, as well as the placement of 10 million square meters of solar panels on the roofs of houses.

    It is estimated that by 2025, about 30% of the energy consumed by the city will come from environmentally sound sources of energy. To date, this figure is only 6%.

    A report by Ecofys, a company specializing in environmental research, states that the task can only be achieved if Amsterdam is actively involved in promoting green technologies.

    Amsterdam Mayor Marijke Vos said housing corporations expressed a desire to provide 10 million square meters of roof space for solar panels. “They are also discussing the possibility of their participation in our energy company,” she said.

    She also added that it would be possible to place small wind generators on high-rise office buildings in Zuidas Business Park.

    Ecofys claims that if the council decides to invest 81 million euros in this project, it will be able to attract 468 million euros of additional investments from individual investors, and that this project gives Amsterdam a unique chance to become a “smart energy city”.

    Another document prepared by PriceWaterhouseCoopers states that only its own municipal energy company will be able to satisfy Amsterdam's "environmental ambitions." In general, these efforts have a favorable effect on the innovative potential, the number of jobs and the image of the city, their report says.

    Via De Volkskrant .

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