SEO Wars. Hidden threat.

    Or I became paranoid, or both.
    I decided somehow before the new year to put myself a New Year screensaverto a working computer. Opera is installed on this machine, in which synchronization is enabled, and by default, the browser searches for information with the Google search engine. Since I sympathize with the domestic Yandex, I decided not to uncheck the checkbox: “make Yandex the default search engine”. I set everything up, I was glad about the snoring letter I and went home. It is worth saying that at my place, oddly enough, there is also a synchronized Opera. Accordingly, Yandex also became the default search engine at home. Using Yandex several times, I decided to return to Google. Still more familiar. I climbed into the Opera’s settings and saw that Google had completely disappeared from the list of search engines, and Yandex took two whole positions.
    What happened:
    the installer renamed the default search engine to Yandex, replaced the search bar, instead of changing the checkmark to an existing search engine. Well, at least you could add a new search engine.
    Bottom line:
    IMHO, during our web two-to-zero Internet should not do such dirty tricks. I know that the comrades from Yandex are visiting the Habr, I am turning to you: please correct this misunderstanding and try not to allow them anymore, because I intend to use your products in the future.
    PS: if someone with the same problem and wants to return Google back, you should insert this line in the search bar: -R
    UPD lost55 advised a simpler way

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