Sony Ericsson needs 100 million euros

    Recently, Sony Ericsson’s business is not going brilliantly - sales for the first quarter of this year fell by 50%, Engadget says. And now the president of Sony Ericsson has admitted that the decline in demand, coupled with the “holes” in the portfolio of models caused great problems in the company. He also acknowledged that by the end of this financial year (by March 2010), revenues should increase by at least 100 million euros if Sony Ericsson wants to stay afloat. According to rumors, the company is considering many options for increasing revenue, but so far no final plans have been formulated.

    But really, holes in the portfolio. Personally, I still have SE w810i. I am pleased with the phone, although the model is already more than 4. And what do we see? For 4 years, Sonyerikson has released many good models, but if you consider the Wolfman series, then there are phones with a 2MP camera, then without autofocus, then without a flash, i.e. as if there wasn’t that universal super phone which was the same 750 or 810 at the time. Actually there is nothing to change your 810 from the price category up to ~ 200 cu
    Another thing is Nokia, a lot of interesting models, a quick update of the lineup and functionality of phones. Sony have become frankly boring in terms of functions and design, for the last 4 years I personally remember only p1i and 850i.

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