Location game. New Twitter Game

    I love taking photos with my phone and uploading photos using Twitter. You can say that I like Twitpic more than Twitter in itself.

    By uploading a photo of one place today, the idea of ​​playing through Twitter came to my mind:
    I posted a photo of the place, indicating only the city in which it is located, the photo is fresh. Everyone looks at the photo and wonders what the place is called. Who guesses, he gets the right to post his own photo for the game and begins a new con. Hash tag: #game_loc

    Try it?

    If suddenly someone is not in the know, you can send photos via www.twitpic.com, through a client on a mobile phone or by mail from any device (you need to register on twitpic.com using your username and password from Twitter and get a special mailbox to which you need to send a photo.

    UPD: It's interesting, but hard to play, so there are too few people. Either you need to use more famous places first, or immediately start the game in a big party, then there will be interest!

    UPD2: The number of players is growing slowly! Maybe you can make places more complicated over time.

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