Belarusian laptops "Colleague" - I cried all

    From the press release of Belarusian laptops ... Honestly, I don’t know where to post it ... I thought in humor, but Belarusians, they’re serious:

    "... Belarusian Colleague laptops with display sizes from 14 to 19 inches are a complete mobile solution for users requiring high performance when working with graphics. During the development of technology, the most advanced innovations were applied . For example, in widescreen displays, a new technology for flat panel monitors was used, due to which the image is highly clear and brightness.The laptops are also equipped with monitors with a wide viewing angle (up to 140 degrees or more ).

    Notebooks "Colleague" are not inferior in performance to a full-blown desktop computer system due to the use of new powerful Intel Core Duo or Core 2 Duo processors designed for simultaneous processing of several tasks . The graphics card creates complex three-dimensional drawings and presentations with high visual clarity. High-speed large-capacity hard disks allow to store complex files , and the mobile protection system keeps the information even in case of shock and vibration ... "

    ZY photo, unfortunately, are not. Here it is possible to read completely.

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