Qt 5.2.0 has been released!

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    Unfortunately, the news is outdated, but this is due to the fact that I was convinced of its existence until today. Nevertheless, to miss such a significant event of the whole year is simply impossible. Let's go through the points!

    Qt is a cross-platform framework for developing applications and user interfaces in C ++ using QML technologies (declarative language in the manner of JavaScript & CSS). It was previously supported by Trolltech until it was bought by Nokia, which sold it to Digia, a great company that opens up incredible opportunities for a cute.

    • Full Android * support
    • Full iOS Support *
    • Desktop Qt Quick Controls finalized
    • Widgets bugs fixed (+ a couple of new nice elements)
    • Qt Windows / Mac Extras - native code integration for these platforms
    • Bluetooth support on Linux
    • Increased Qt Quick Render Performance (QML)
    • Many fixes for OS X Mavericks
    • Accessibility module is also available on Android

    * - with the exception of a couple of very narrow functions that are not available due to licenses / rules / etc

    Full release text: blog.qt.digia.com/blog/2013/12/12/qt-5-2-released-the-best -qt-yet
    You can find out all about the yummy and download it, sobsno, here: qt-project.org

    P.S. It didn’t fit in my head when the day before yesterday I assembled my desktop qml application for Android, then under the iOS simulator and all this stuff worked - a new era begins ...

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    What is your attitude to Qt?

    • 40.8% Actively use, wonderful product 803
    • 18.7% Heard, but was not interested 369
    • 14.4% After this announcement, I will definitely study 284
    • 5.7% Already ran to read 113
    • 20.2% And I side, I'm potato 399

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