QA bonus when developing MMO

    Compared to other areas in GameDev, MMO has one giant plus for QA.
    Namely, these are projects that are just starting to live after the release.
    Those. ordinary game after release is recalled by the developer as a nightmare, or close to it.
    Of course, this very release should be as good as possible, but in principle few people think about how to maintain the code or data structure later, and it is not always necessary. “Works, checked? Well, don’t touch anything. ”- Very frequent logic.
    In MMO, everything is completely different. After the release, the game should just be in a state where it is convenient and easy to maintain.
    Accordingly, it is logical to keep the game in this state almost all the time of development, which means that fans of "After us at least a flood" have very big problems.
    And it’s not at all because, from the point of view of a technical person, this is wrong, but because the support of such decisions is usually more expensive and hemorrhagic, which does not enthrall the leadership.
    Naturally, the balance between quality and timing remains, but ... nevertheless, a very good argument is added to quality here.

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