25 best business books

    I try to read a lot of business literature. Frankly, I come across many frankly unsuccessful, graphomaniac, impractical books. But there are books that can only be called treasures.

    I made a list of 25 gold (IMHO and IMHO only) business books.

    These books are an absolute must read for any business person.
    These books are the pearls of business literature.
    All these 25 books are on my shelf.
    I want to say to all these books: “Thank you very much!”

    1. Carl Sewell, Paul Brown “Customers for Life”
    2. Stephen Covey “7 Skills of Highly Effective People”
    3. Robert Chaldini “Psychology of Influence”
    4. Anton Popov “Blogs. A new sphere of influence ”
    5.“ A conversation is more expensive than money. How blogging is changing the communication between business and consumers ”
    6. Kjell Nordstrom, Jonas Ridderstralle “Funky business forever. Capitalism is a pleasure ”
    7. Howard Schulz, Dory Jones Yang“ Pour your heart into it. Starbucks was built like cup after cup
    8. " Igor Mann" Marketing is 100%. Remix "
    9. Gleb Arkhangelsk" Time Drive. How to manage to live and work ”
    10. Seth Godin“ Trust marketing. How to make a friend of a stranger and turn him into a buyer "
    11. Seth Godin" Idea virus? Epidemic! Make customers work for your sales ”
    12. Philip Kotler, Kevin Keller“ Marketing Management ”
    13. Barbara Minto“ Golden Rules of Harvard and McKinsey ”
    14. Carsten Bredemeier“ Black Rhetoric. The power and magic of the word "
    15. Radislav Gandapas “The Kama Sutra for the speaker. Ten chapters on how to get and give maximum pleasure, speaking in public "
    16. Al Rice, Jack Trout" Marketing Wars "
    17. Al Rice, Jack Trout" Positioning. The battle for the minds "
    18. Svetlana Ivanova" Motivation 100% "
    19. Svetlana Ivanova" The art of recruiting. How to evaluate a person in an hour "
    20. Richard Branson" To hell with everything! Take it and do it ”
    21. Nikolay Rysev“ Active sales ”
    22. Larry King“ How to talk anywhere, anytime and with anyone ”
    23. Gavin Kennedy“ You can agree on everything ”
    24. David Allen“ How to put things in order. The art of stress-free productivity ”
    25. Ron Rubin, Stuart Avery Goles “Zen Business”

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