Hero - Firmware VillainROM 6.2 (Android 2.1)

    Good day, harazhiteli.
    Recently, I wrote about the firmware I chose for myself - VillainROM (based on Android 2.1).

    A few days ago another update came out.

    What we have at the moment:
    • fixed problems with the camera (no more shades - neither blue, nor green);
    • Autofocus of the camera works correctly in applications like Barcode Sacnner;
    • support for long SMS messages;
    • GPS turns on and off without rebooting the phone;
    • Russification - 99%;
    • a large number of HTC widgets are available and the “Get More HTC Widgets” item;
    • the kernel supports overclocking, just install overclockwidget from the market;
    • The browser supports flash, which, if necessary, can be disabled.
    The only problem that has arisen is the Russification of dialer.
    But she also decides to install the patch .

    In addition to everything - on this firmware, I finally stopped stuttering Navitel (yes, I use it, since no one else has normal maps of our province).

    You can download the new firmware here .

    The most unpleasant thing is that you need a full wipe to update :(

    BTW, the author of the firmware is now working on a new version based on Froyo, so we look forward to the results of his work.

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