"Our" lost the court "Gazeta.ru"

    “Gazeta.Ru” won the court against the youth movement “Nashi” . Representatives of the movement, being plaintiffs, simply did not appear at the court hearings.

    The lawsuit against “Gazeta.ru” “Nashi” was filed after the publication of an article by Ilya Barabanov “March from here” . The text announced the cancellation of the action of the youth movement - a hundred thousandth procession in honor of the day against racial discrimination. Referring to an anonymous source in the leadership of Nashi, the author of the article said that the cancellation of the march was a result of the disappointment of the presidential administration in young Putiners.

    Offended severely by the publication and directly by Ilya Barabanova, the movement’s leadership filed a lawsuit, and also began to spread that “Gazeta.ru” was conducting a commissioned campaign against activists. At the first court hearing in the Khoroshevsky court of Moscow, Nashi lawyers tried to prove that the business reputation of the movement was damaged. The desired compensation was designated - 100 thousand rubles. In addition, the plaintiffs demanded that the publication refute Barabanov’s article for three months.

    According to the defendant, the leader of the movement Vasily Yakimenko wanted to prove that the youth he led was in no way connected with the presidential administration, and that, in turn, did not influence the decision to cancel the march. However, apparently, it was not possible to collect the evidence base - after the first court hearing the representatives of the plaintiff no longer appeared in court.

    Robert Schlegel, spokesman for the youth movement, said lawyers had good reason for not showing up. At the same time, he noted that the further actions of "Ours" in relation to Ilya Barabanov "will become known in the near future." As for Ilya himself, he, according to Gazeta.ru, believes that the leadership of the movement made the right decision without appearing in court, because otherwise the damage to the image and reputation would have been more significant.

    Recall, this is not the first time that Nashi is suing a media representative. So, at the beginning of last month, the youth movement won the process from the Kommersant newspaper . The court’s decision obliged the publication to publish a refutation of an article about an alleged fight between members of Nashi and activists of the National Bolshevik Party .

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