PVS-Studio for Microsoft Visual Studio Community 2013

    Microsoft introduced its next software product - a new free version of Visual Studio, the only limitation of which is the ban on the development of enterprise applications.

    What significance will this event have for PVS-Studio ?

    Visual Studio Community 2013 is a new free edition that will allow developers to create solutions for a variety of platforms and scenarios, including for the web, cloud, desktop or mobile devices.

    There are two main differences between Visual Studio Community Edition and Express Editions:
    1. Visual Studio Express editions do not allow users to use extensions. There are over 5,000 great plugins for Visual Studio in the Visual Studio Gallery that can improve developer productivity, but they are not available to Visual Studio Express users.
    2. Visual Studio Express editions are platform-specific. Express for Web; Express for Windows; Express for Windows Desktop ... But with Visual Studio Community Edition, you can develop projects for all supported platforms.

    Of course, the ability to install extensions and add-ons is important for PVS-Studio. Being a full-fledged product with its functional capabilities approaching the paid edition of Visual Studio 2013 Professional, the free edition of Visual Studio is becoming an attractive development environment for large applications where the use of static analysis to control the quality of source code is relevant.

    This step is probably intended to expand the circle of application developers for Microsoft platforms, providing a fully functional application development environment for representatives of startups, small companies, individual developers, the open source application developers community, and students.

    To test the integration of PVS-Studio and the functionality of the plug-ins for Visual Studio 2013 in Visual Studio Community 2013, several projects were tested in it.
    • Media Player Classic Home Cinema is a free audio and video player for Windows. The project did not collect material for the article, the more it is checked using Coverity.
    • LibreOffice is a free, independent, open source office suite. The results of the verification will be available in an article that will be released soon.
    • The candidate for verification is CoreCLR , a key element of .NET Core that implements various functions, including garbage collection and compilation into machine code.

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