Luxoft launches technology testing of iviLink software platform

An experimental version of the integrating software platform is available for free download.

Testing allows developers to get an idea of ​​iviLink's completely symmetric architecture, better understand its principles and the wide range of user communication models that it supports. Available for free download, the iviLink platform connects mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers to the car’s infotainment systems, including head units, radio modules, multimedia systems for rear passengers and much more.

Integration of mobile applications in the car

The task of using mobile applications in the car is one of the most complex and relevant in the world of modern automotive electronics. Users of smartphones and tablets with the ability to operate hundreds of thousands of applications do not want to put up with the scarcity and limited functional content of pre-installed car headunits by manufacturers. Luxoft, a leading Russian manufacturer of automotive software, offers its own technology for the flexible and secure integration of mobile applications with car multimedia systems.

IviLink technology is specifically designed for the controlled use of mobile applications in the car. The technology includes a variety of support levels for both developers of programs for the popular Android and iOS operating systems, as well as manufacturers of car devices. iviLink provides many tools for integrating mobile and automotive applications, including modules for USB, WiFi and Bluetooth communication, real-time control and multimedia data transfer, security and access control.

Launch iviLink Technology Testing

Starting June 06, 2012, iviLink technology is available to developers as a technology preview. iviLink is available as a developer toolkit (SDK) and can be obtained directly through the technology portal . Using this package, developers can evaluate the overall approach of Luxoft to solving the problem of interaction between mobile and automotive applications based on communication profiles and high-level services that allow the developer with minimal effort to manage remote content, behavior and communication.

Benefits for OEMs

The iviLink software platform provides many benefits to OEMs, leading suppliers and manufacturers of mobile devices. IviLink's competitive advantage lies in a fully controlled application launch environment, which allows you to limit the imagination of third-party developers to the requirements of the manufacturer for the embedded device, advanced multimedia functions and the ability to automatically update future IVI systems without completely replacing the device software. In addition, iviLink provides a safe and easy way to keep your IVI software up to date without any additional risks for the entire system.

iviLink is a flexible platform for the development, testing and implementation of solutions that allow you to expand the multimedia capabilities of the car with a minimum of labor and financial investment. Using iviLink, original equipment manufacturers in the automotive industry will be able to integrate their applications with popular applications already developed for mobile phones, as well as build their own ecosystem, involving third-party application developers, but not passing them control over critical parts of the system for reliability, security and ergonomics.

Cross platform compatibility

The iviLink platform, adapted to standardization in accordance with the requirements of the GENIVI alliance, is compatible with the most popular operating systems for mobile and car multimedia devices (Android, iOS and Linux) and allows the use of various data transfer protocols: Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, USB and others. The evaluation version of iviLink Technology Preview v.0.9 is artificially limited to the Linux system. In the third quarter of 2012, iOS support will be added. Starting with version 1.5, iviLink will support the “remote UI” subsystem based on HTML-5.


IviLink Technology Preview v.0.9 includes source code, basic documentation, and sample applications. All files are available for free download at:

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