DevCon 2015: announcement of the first speakers and conference reports

    Dear friends!

    We are pleased to introduce you the first wave of speakers at the DevCon 2015 conference and to introduce you to some topics and details of the conference technical program. First of all, let me introduce Robert Eicheneser and Mario Shpusht - our guests from Microsoft offices in Germany and the USA. Robert and Mario will bring to Moscow the latest Microsoft news and innovations for developers and, as part of their reports, as well as in-depth master classes, will share with you the following topics: Internet of Things, .NET 5 Core, ASP.NET 5, the architecture of building hybrid clouds decisions. Next guest - Alan Mendelevich

    - world-famous author and director of the AdDuplex project. Alan will speak at DevCon 2015 with a guide on promoting and monetizing mobile Windows applications.

    Another expert on the development of mobile applications at DevCon 2015 was Mikhail Samarin , our guest from Finland, who worked closely with the Nokia and Microsoft teams and has extensive experience in creating a variety of mobile applications. Michael will tell the participant the most interesting details of the new Windows technologies.

    Another guest of ours is our old friend, Georgy Mogelashvili , who today works for the well-known company. At the conference, Georgy will tell interesting details about the convenient development and A / B testing of cloud websites.

    We are glad to welcomeSergey Zvezdin is a development veteran and one of the most experienced and famous speakers at Microsoft conferences in Russia. Sergey will bring to the conference a number of reports on the hottest topics of web development and ASP.NET.

    One of the most interesting and original reports can be expected by Alexander Kirsanov , who will talk about reactive programming in robotics and work in real projects with Kinect sensors.

    And finally, I am very pleased to introduce my fellow application development experts from Russian Microsoft who will share with you the latest announcements and new technologies of the company: Dmitry Soshnikov will talk about Cortana and voice input, Dmitry Andreev about the latest DirectX 12,Alexander Belotserkovsky - about modern technologies of the Internet of things, and I, Vladimir Yunev, will tell you about the latest services and components of the Azure cloud, which will help make your applications faster, more reliable and more secure.

    Below you will find detailed descriptions of all the speakers:

    speaker photoRobert Eichener. Lead Program Manager, Microsoft

    Robert Eichenseer is the lead Program Manager for Microsoft's DX TED EMEA. His tasks include interacting with partners on issues related to the development of specialized, complex, and most popular applications among users. Through projects, it provides the most effective use of the capabilities of Microsoft Azure. Of particular interest to Robert is the direction of the Internet of Things (IoT). Robert made presentations at several international Microsoft events and at regional user meetings.

    speaker photoMario Shpushta. Program Leader, Evangelist, Microsoft

    Mario is the Program Leader and Evangelist for Technical Evangelism and Engineering (TED) at Microsoft Headquarters. He is involved in architecture, design, programming and demonstration of template solutions created in collaboration with Microsoft partners and software vendors, as well as for these companies. Mario has been with Microsoft for over 10 years. The main directions of his activities in the present and in the past: cloud computing, service-oriented solutions, security and claims-based interaction. Mario is a co-author of Advanced .NET Remoting 2nd Edition and all editions of ASP.NET 2.0 with C # Examples for Professionals and ASP.NET 3.5 with C # Examples for Professionals. You can contact Mario through his blog, .

    speaker photoAlan Mendelevich. Director, AdDuplex

    Alan Mendelevich is the creator and director of AdDuplex, a leading banner exchange network for Windows Phone applications and the Windows Store. Before creating AdDuplex, Alan spent 15 years programming, participated in the development and implementation of projects such as amCharts, SPAW Editor, etc. Alan spends his free time on the AdDuplex network on Twitter, where he can be found under the nickname ailon .


    speaker photoMikhail Samarin. Head of Developer Learning and Evangelism, Futurice Ltd

    Mikhail speaks at conferences, teaches, programs, leads the team and has the titles of Microsoft MVP and Nokia Developer Champion. His many years of practical experience covers areas such as mobile application development, interactive media installations, support systems for forensic research and video surveillance. Currently, Mikhail is the head of the developer training department at the Finnish company Futurice, and he is the official winner of the Best Place To Work in Europe competition in 2012 and 2013.

    speaker photoGeorgy Mogelashvili. Lead Developer,

    George learned his first C ++ programming language back in 2000, according to the book by Deitel and Deitel. Later, he switched to C # and the .NET Framework, with which he worked professionally for about 10 years. With the growing popularity of cloud technologies, he focused on the Microsoft Azure platform and received the title of Microsoft MVP for this technology. Today, George works for the largest hotel booking company, programs in Perl and makes the world a little better.


    speaker photoSergey Zvezdin. Development Director, CodeFirst

    Microsoft MVP and Microsoft Regional Director. The author of articles on development on the .NET platform. Speaker at DevCon, TechEd and Platform conferences.



    speaker photoAlexander Kirsanov. Programmer, JetBrains Language Tools Lab

    Laboratory assistant of the robotics laboratory, Department of System Programming, Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics, St. Petersburg State University, programmer in the laboratory of language tools JetBrains. He is engaged in the creation of libraries, tools and other infrastructure in the TRIC project “Creating a programmable robot on .NET”. Interests: functional programming, type theory, .NET, F #, machine learning, robotics.


    speaker photoDmitry Andreev. Strategic Technology Expert, Microsoft

    Expert in the development of information systems. Certified Microsoft Solution Developer (MCSD). Since 2004, he has been working at Microsoft, interacting with developers. Its main task is to improve the quality of solutions developed on the basis of Microsoft technologies and the development of the IT community. His main technological interests include organizing the software development process, information systems architecture, IT project management, developing games and applications with rich graphics. Supporter of practical and flexible development methodologies.

    speaker photoAlexander Belotserkovsky. Strategic Technology Expert, Microsoft

    Main areas of activity: cloud technologies, Internet of things and HPC. Prior to joining Microsoft, he received the title of Microsoft Azure Most Valuable Specialist Russia specialist, advising Microsoft Azure clients in Russia and the CIS countries, from startup owners and developers to corporate users. Regular speaker at Russian and international events.


    speaker photoDmitry Soshnikov. Technology Evangelist, Microsoft

    Ph.D., technology evangelist Microsoft Russia, associate professor of the Department of Algorithms and Programming Technologies of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology and Department of Computational Mathematics and Programming at the Moscow Aviation Institute, author of the books Functional Programming in F # and The Paradigm of Logical Programming. He is a Microsoft technical evangelist responsible for the diffusion of technology among young people, from schoolchildren and university students to aspiring entrepreneurs. He specializes in Kinect technologies, client development (including microcontrollers) and the Internet of things. Member of the F # Software Association (FSSF), Russian Association of Artificial Intelligence (RAII). Master of Chinese tea ceremonies, gongfu cha, adept of digital magic.

    speaker photoVladimir Yunev. Strategic Technology Expert, Microsoft

    Microsoft Strategic Technology Expert, Certified Developer with over 12 years of experience. He works at the Microsoft Russia Strategic Technology Department, and is responsible for the use of cloud technologies in web applications, services and mobile clients. A regular participant and organizer of many Russian IT conferences, the author of a book on the development of web applications on the ASP.NET platform. In the developer community, he is known as XaocCPS.

    And further…

    And a few more topics that we are thinking about and which we want to cover at the conference: universal applications, Xamarin, Apache Cordova, multi-platform development, IoT, cloud services security, hybrid infrastructure and solutions for developers, Internet Explorer, open source, Git, Xbox, ALM, C ++, DevOps, interoperability in the cloud, business applications ...

    In addition, you will find master classes on both days of the conference and, of course, the traditional hackathon “Coding Night” ... Stay tuned for DevCon 2015!

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