Turing law: the state of California has banned chat bots from pretending to be human

    For 60 years, cybernetics could not fully comprehend the topic of similarity between humans and robots. They even invented a fictitious and over-complicated Turing criterion : “we can assume that a real AI has been created, if one cannot distinguish a chat bot from a person in network communication”.

    They simply lacked real positive legal thinking. Why puzzle, if a robot looks like a human, how to check whether it looks like, what to do if it looks like.

    You just need to forbid him to pretend to be a man - and everything, one of the most difficult problems of artificial intelligence is solved elegantly and simply.

    On September 28, the state of California passed a law banning chat bots that encourage people to buy goods and services, or promote political parties if these chat bots do not inform people they are not human.

    Excerpt from the law :
    In California, it is illegal to use a bot to communicate or interact on the Internet with a person with the intention of misleading him about the bot's artificial identity for deliberately deceiving a person about the nature of the message aimed at prompting to buy or sell goods or services in a commercial transaction or influence voting election. A person using a bot is not responsible in accordance with this section if the person discloses that this is a bot.

    The disclosure required by this section should be clear, visible and reasonably structured to inform individuals with whom the bot communicates or interacts, that this is a bot.

    The law, however, applies only to Internet sites and social networks with a user base of 10 million US citizens.

    In our experience (and we in Nanosemantics made more than 70 chat bots for corporate use), in a chat chat bot never manages to pretend to be human for a long time, and when deception is revealed, there is always a very negative reaction from the client.

    And, oddly enough, the opposite is also true: if the chat bot immediately warns that he is just a virtual person, the person still very easily animates him and ascribes human properties to him.

    However, now, according to the new law, until July 1, 2019, too sensible chat bots in the United States will have to come out.

    Interestingly, Russia is to blame, as always: the law seems to be the result of statements by US officials that there were a lot of Russian chat bots on the Internet during the 2016 presidential election in the US , who left comments against Hilary Clinton and in support of Trump.

    Is it good, is the new law bad, but now having encountered an unknown rational entity, you can loudly demand it, as in a fairy tale: “You are a person or a spirit, name yourself!”. And the opponent will have to indicate their status in the mental space. Unless, of course, he is a vicious demon hiding his essence, who does not care about the law of the state of California. What, of course, hard to believe - everyone abides by the laws of the state of California

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