Year of struggle for web development without bugs

    About a year ago, the first article appeared on Habré in our corporate blog, which, despite our concerns, was well received and served as an excellent incentive for us to develop. Since then, we have been analyzing every comment, request from the support service and have worked tirelessly on improvements to our tool for visual commenting on sites and images. Today I would like to present you a small report on our development over the past year:


    Our team initially relied on integration, as most companies already have a certain process and we understood that it is unlikely that anyone would use our system as the main bug tracker. Therefore, the main emphasis was placed on the development of a tool that could be easily implemented in any existing process. Over the past year, we have added about 20 integrations with various systems so that any team can quickly implement our tool in their workflow. We mainly support interaction with task management systems.

    Supported project management systems:

    1. Basecamp
    2. Atlassian jira
    3. Pivotal tracker
    4. Trello
    5. Redmine
    6. Asana
    7. Github
    8. Gemini
    9. Teamwork


    1. Slack
    2. Flowdock
    3. Hip chat


    1. Wordpress
    2. Modx

    As well as with other systems

    1. Intercom
    2. Starthq

    If you did not find your system in the list, then you can use the integration through Zapier .

    Java Script API

    Using our js api you can use the TrackDuck widget in the interface of your system. This will allow you to add the ability to visually comment on any content on your system, or for example, you can get screenshots of any place on your pages without using our control panel. Based on this functionality, we developed a plugin for the Intercom widget, which allows you to add screenshots of the page to messages in the support service. The plugin has already proven itself in our system and on several connected projects. At the moment, we include it only upon request.

    Opt-out of the free version and a special tariff for freelancers

    With the release of the beta version of the project, we made a difficult decision to completely disable free accounts in our system, because unfortunately user support took a lot of time and some of the resources of our small team had to deal with it. We decided to concentrate on commercial users, as this was more consistent with the development strategy of our service. Also, corporate users have the opportunity to personalize our control panel and widgets, buy plans without limiting the number of projects.

    Redesigned Comment Widget

    In total, since the launch, we have redesigned and redesigned our widget 8 times, work on usability and speed is still ongoing, here are some significant improvements that you can use today:
    adding files and images to comments: you can add files to your comments.
    Add screenshots to the post or comment. Now the user has the opportunity to add a screenshot of part of the page or image to his comment, which facilitates the discussion of visual elements in different parts of the page.

    Improved work with images and designs

    Now in 1 click you can change the order of images in any TrackDuck project, you can also specify any name for your image. For each loaded image or design, it is now possible to set a number of parameters, such as background color, image positioning on the screen (center, left, etc.), you can also use the special Smart-crop mode, which allows you to do “ endless ”background for your design from the leftmost pixel of your image. In addition, the presentation mode is now available for designers who work with TrackDuck - just upload your images (we support multibooting), sort in the correct order, open the first one and you can show one by one, controlling the demonstration from the keyboard.

    Weekly design inspiration

    We try to support talented, but not yet very famous designers, every week on Wednesdays we release a selection of works by designers from around the world within a certain topic, for example, one of our last issues was devoted to designers who make great infographics .

    Subscribe to our blog :

    Very soon, our blog will turn a year old, during which time we have released a large number of interesting articles, interviews with industry professionals, talked about how we are developing our product. I present to your attention a selection of the 3 most interesting articles in my opinion, unfortunately so far only in English:
    1. Color Theory: The Basics, Useful Tools and Further Resources
    2. 6 Web Design Trends for 2015
    3. How to Improve Your Onboarding Process With Trello

    Thank you for this wonderful year!

    We would like to thank all our users, the number of which has already exceeded 10,000 for support, advice, feedback. We understand and appreciate how important feedback is to a young company or startup. It is very pleasant that there are people who are not indifferent to our product, for which we are very grateful to all of you and as a sign of our gratitude we have prepared a special offer - a 50% discount on all TrackDuck plans . Discount Code: CE9JMH

    ps For startups, non-profit projects and IT blogs, we are ready to provide our product for free.
    Thanks again friends!

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