Photo tour of the "Key" coworking

    While we are preparing the next releases of our podcasts [ on iTunes: “ GLPH ” - about editors, “ VSCE ” - about media entrepreneurs , “ Audiienta ” - about different things ), I’ll tell you about the history of co-working Key” and show how the workspace at Trifogornaya is arranged manufactory.

    Note: under the cut a large number of photos. The kitchen in the co-working Key at the Three-Mountain Manufactory

    How the key was created

    The history of this network of coworkers dates back to 2013 in St. Petersburg. In those days, the Key was an IT-bar, in which a club and an educational lecture center for specialists got along in the same space. Together with night dances, hackathons and cybersport tournaments, the Russian Bitcoin community held offline meetings here.

    The concept of an IT bar led to the idea of ​​a co-working techno hub for programmers. However, the opening of such a technohab was no longer held in St. Petersburg, but in Moscow.

    The First Key in the capital appeared in March 2016. The premises for the new coworking were searched near the center or in the center, with rich infrastructure around, with high ceilings and large windows. Under the "sight" were the historical industrial zones of Moscow, which experienced a surge of gentrification in the early 2000s. Suitable space was found at the Three-Mountain Manufactory - the oldest textile factory in Moscow in 1799, a ten-minute walk from Ulitsa 1905 and Krasnopresnenskaya metro stations.

    The next site of Klyuch appeared six months later on the territory of the gas-cylinder plant “Arma” - literally three minutes from the Garden Ring. Now the network consists of five coworkings: "Key Trekhgorka", "Key Armagh", "Key Silk", "Key Patriarshie" and "Key Danilovskaya Manufactory". A total of about a thousand jobs are recruited at the five sites.

    The guys say that a new site is already under construction at Kuznetsky Most, the opening of which is scheduled for the beginning of 2019. For 2019, it is planned to open several more sites in the center of Moscow ( and not only Moscow ).

    We rise in the Key with @alinatestova

    The place for coworking at the Trekhgornaya manufactory is chosen with soul and history. This is the atmospheric factory space of the end of the XIX century, in which the business quarter is located. There are many parking spaces, convenient entry to the territory, the metro is within walking distance.

    IT bar

    IT bar in coworking Key

    This site was designed with an eye on the history of St. Petersburg - the very first - Key. Because the first thing you see at the entrance is a bar. Here residents can drink coffee, eat light salads (for example, with couscous and feta cheese) and sandwiches (with chicken and baked peppers).

    Who cares, in a personal talk about coffee

    At evening events, which take place in the hall of the Key, in the bar take beer, cider and snacks (for example, nachos with guacamole or olives with chili and orange zest). The bar is open on weekdays from 10:00 to 20:00 and is open to all visitors, not only for residents.

    Nice to go further motivational posters

    Inside the co-working itself everything is designed in the same style. The ceiling height of six meters, a two-level layout, bare brick walls. This gives the room an atmosphere that adjusts to work. Plus allows you to do redevelopment without unnecessary investment in repairs.

    Conference hall

    In the photo from the events, he seemed bigger, but even more comfortable.

    There is a conference room opposite the bar. It is regularly rented for various events. However, preference is given to events that would be of interest to residents of the Key. For such events, special rental conditions are offered. In this case, all co-working residents can hold one event per year for free.

    Google (accelerators program Developers Launchpad), Netology, Loreal, Red Bull, Rostec, Yota, Sberbank and many others held their events here. The event agency DEPARTÁMENT organized its courses at the Klyuch site; Future Biotech conducted a winter school for young scientists. And more recently, in the conference room is a collective viewing of lectures from the venture capital fund Y Combinator.

    Openspace and offices

    This is the main space of coworking. The total number of places in the openspace is 52. About 70% of them are constantly occupied

    . Closed offices are located around the perimeter of the co-working space. Mostly they are teams of 3-4 people (and more). All of these offices were booked before the opening, and since then there is always a small queue. Of the very first resident offices atTrekhgorka, Bazium,Smetana,LokalsandLobsterare still operating today.

    This is one of the mini office

    Such an “office” work format allows teams to quickly (and without the cost of finding, repairing, furniture and equipment) organize the working space for themselves and not waste time and nerves on the office life - cleaning, internet, paper in the printer, etc. are answered by the site.

    It seems that someone is using it.

    On the territory of coworking there are literature exchange points. Such “spontaneous”, without obtrusiveness and “pioneer camp” networking is the most effective from the experience of the founders and residents. Most often, books are read here, in the soft Key recreation areas.

    Leaving the first part of the "coroving" (openspace)

    “Cows” on the door is not a typo. The word was born during the construction and design of the first site. As the guys say, “cowing” is a local term for openspace. There is also a “commerce” - it means separate offices.

    Another poster on the door is about Klyuch’s partners: the fitness club “Section” and the online English school Skyeng . I was told that, in general, the partnership is “tied up” in different ways: one of the companies goes to co-working on their own , the founders turn to someone themselves. So, for example, it happened with the Doublemee coffee shop at Arma - the leaders often went there for coffee and decided to negotiate a discount for residents.

    On a photo - posters of partners


    The kitchen area is not very big, but it is enough.

    There is a refrigerator in a specially designated kitchen area, where residents leave their food, microwave, kettle. There is a common dining table. The area, though small, is optimal for eating and socializing, given that many people eat at Klyuch’s bar or go out to dinner at numerous establishments on Trekhgorka (Doublebi, Touché, Buro Canteen, Friendship, etc.).

    The second part of coworking

    Come see the

    Key on the Trekhkgorka divided into two parts - the second is the newer. Openspace is much smaller: there are only 14 places (the rest are offices), of which almost everyone is busy during the season. However, residents with unfixed space can move from site to site.

    There are lockers in the first open space

    In the Key, cameras are working around the clock. But those who wish can rent a locker for valuables. They are available to both residents and guests. The cost of rent is 900 rubles per month at all sites of the Key, except the Patriarchs (there is a locker at 1500 rubles per month).

    We also checked the poufs , quite norms

    Second floor

    The second floor with offices is an add-on.

    Due to the add-on with offices, Key architects increased the size of the site from 350 to 550 square meters. m. Now on the second level are the offices of four companies. All the premises are occupied, but it is known that one of them - an office for ten people - is vacated in early November.

    Here we recorded the podcast " GLPH " - the release is still mounted


    As you have already noticed, thematic posters are everywhere
    In the Klyuch co-working on Three Hill there are two meeting rooms for 12 people, called Landau and Lifshitz (after the name of the famous textbook on theoretical physics in the narrow circles). The rental price already includes a projector for presentations, a whiteboard and water for guests.

    As you have already noticed - themed posters are everywhere.

    You can book a meeting room through theform on the website. Residents of Klyuch can use negotiation hours a day for free, and also all of them have a 50% discount on rent. Late in the evening, at night and on weekends, residents can use the meeting room for free.

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