DotGo 2014 conference in Paris

    Better late than never. In October 2014, the first conference in Europe devoted entirely to the Go language was held in Paris . The organizers were the guys from dotConference, who draw inspiration from the TED conferences and borrowed some points for all of their dot conferences. It turns out they have, I must say, great. Video materials of the conference, as well as some personal impressions, read below.

    The conference was held on October 10, 2014, in the center of Paris, in the premises of the Théâtre des Variétés theater - the place is truly amazing. As well as the organization, the guys are trying very, very hard. Here's a great short video that gives an idea of ​​the presentation atmosphere.

    Conference website:

    Among the speakers there were several people from the Go core team - Brad Fitzpatrick , Francesc Campoy and Andrew Gerrand , and a dozen more gophers, one way or another known in the Go community - like Jeremy “CodeGangsta” Saenz , author Martini and Negroni (by the way, he recently released excellent, judging by the reviews, video courses on Go - who likes this format, look). The reports were limited to 20 minutes, so no one had time to get tired, and questions and answers were organized at the end of the conference in a separate session. The main venue for Q&A sessions was the buffet and theater balconies during breaks.

    The reports themselves were both of a general direction, such as “What I learned by teaching Go people” and “5 things that I love in Go”, and more specific topics: “How to use interfaces to create more expressive APIs” and demonstration of rewritten on Go firmware for Parrot drones with a demonstration right in the hall.

    In general, see for yourself - all performances ~ 20 minutes:

    Most of all I liked the performances of John Graham-Cumming's and Felix Geisendörfer - the dude wrote the code right in the course of the performance, immediately collected it, put it on the quadcopter and immediately launched it in the hall with this code - it was spectacular and separate and interesting.

    There were also 4-minute lightning talks, of which the first one was separately remembered:

    Also, the channel posted videos of Q&A sessions with the Go-team (it’s long and boring there) - but who cares, watch the channel - and several interviews with some eminent participants

    Formally, the conference took place two days - October 10 and 11, but the second day was completely devoted workshops. In parallel, several workshops were going on - the most popular was the workshop from Fransisc Campoy for beginners. I went to a workshop from Aerospike - but there is nothing special to tell - the guys introduced their product (specialized key-value DB) and introduced people to their go-client in the form of task solutions.

    Gorgeous conference photo report from the organizers:

    The next dotGo conference - dotGo 2015 - will be held on November 9, 2015, in Paris, though in a new place - also in a theater, larger in size.
    Registration has been open for a long time - Early Bird Ticket is still valid price - 99 Euro -

    PS. The guys have a whole bunch of conferences in Paris - in particular, dotCSS, dotJS, dotSwift (only for experienced developers) and dotScale. If you are interested in topics - I recommend you to pay attention, it seems that these dot-conferences will soon become one of the most popular technical conferences. They even have the slogan - "Tech conferences, reinvented."

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