JPoint 2015 Java Conference Announcement

    Make your program taking into account that the information field of the Earth depends on it.
    Nikita Dzhigurda

    Literally three months later, on April 20, at the World Trade Center at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel in Moscow, we will hold the third JPoint Java conference . The first JPoint conference was a unique event for Russia in the sense that it was completely independent of the vendors. The second, last year, was distinguished by the fact that it turned out pretty hardcore.

    What is JPoint 2015 preparing for us? Details under the cut.

    Classics of the genre
    I'll start with the main thing. First, JPoint 2015 will continue to be independent and hardcore.Java conference. Personally (at the level of perception of the world), those trends that currently dominate in IT events are alien to me: startups, 20-minute reports, hackathons, etc. Therefore, this is not about us. We are conservative, and it turns out that in this hardcore and conservatism it is quite unique. What is successful and exploit. The more there are hackathons around, lightning raises, conferences “cover everything” and other different funny things, the more confident we feel. Are we not fashionable? Okay, we will return the fashion to the classics!

    Secondly, JPoint 2015 will be classicin form by a professional conference in the exact sense in which we are accustomed to perceive this word. If you look in detail, then we will have 3 or 4 threads, 6 reports each. The duration of the report is 40-50 minutes. In the middle of the day is an hour's lunch. It is worth noting that dinners at WTC are expensive, so we introduced a special “lunch-free” category of tickets for fans to save.

    Thirdly, JPoint 2015 will be even larger . This year we plan to collect more than a thousandRussian-speaking Java specialists from Russia and neighboring countries. We plan to significantly expand the booth area, attracting not only companies seeking employees or selling products for Java developers to participate in the exhibition, but also others. In particular, we will organize stands with experts following the example of Highload ++. In this zone, everyone will be able to talk with speakers and other experts on the hottest topics: Java 9, Performance, Spring, ORM, Java EE, etc. On the same topics, we will hold a series of round tables that will be held in a separate room at the same time as planned reports.


    We will try our best to keep the best speakers of JPoint 2014 for you, while adding a few new faces to it. At the moment, we have announced 5 reports:
    • Alexey Shipilev from Oracle Java Performance Team will talk about the guts of java.lang.String. (English version of this report from the Joker: tyts )
    • Sergey Kuksenko from the same team will make an updated report on hardware counters - a tool that allows you to answer the eternal Russian question "what to do?" in case you have CPU Load = 100%
    • Andrey Pangin from Odnoklassniki will tell a revised version of his report on debugging tools (keywords: JVMTI, Dynamic Attach Mechanism, Serviceability Agent, Instrumentation API). This will be a repeat of the report with Joker, so those who have already seen this report in St. Petersburg will be able to go to other rooms with a clear conscience.
    • Jacob Sirotkin , legend, leader and founder of the first, will talk about rewriting PL / SQL-hell in Java
    • Anton Arkhipov , our good friend from the Tallinn company ZeroTurnaround (JRebel, XRebel), will talk about the modification of the bytecode.

    Other best speakers of JPoint 2014 have already confirmed their participation. In particular, Nikolai Alimenkov from Kiev chooses between topics about messaging and testing, Gleb Smirnov (now from Tartu!) Is thinking about what else can be done with the hotspot, and Barukh Sadogursky and Eugene Borisov from Israel are preparing the second part of Groovy Puzzlers, a continuation of their excellent report from the October Joker:

    New faces

    Of those whom we seriously consider as speakers, I want to separately mention Roma Leventova from Higher Frequence Trading, a master of quick collections (Koloboke, OpenHFT) and a colleague of the famous Peter Lori, as well as Max Ivanov , who is also known to everyone in the Academgorodok , who recently moved to Kaliningrad . Roma is getting ready to talk about in-memory key-value stores, and Max plans to do some retrospective of enterprise technologies.

    We need your report!

    A conference is a living organism. For its development and growth, we are actively looking for new topics, new faces and new ideas. The key feature of JPoint 2015 is, of course, its program. Unlike the same Devoxx , RigaDevDay, and our good friends JEEConf , we do not want to increase by adding reports on "neighboring topics" to it: topics about Javascript, Android or BigData can appear in our program only if they are directly connected with Java. We understand that many of you are interested in these topics even in isolation from Java, but what can you do.

    Moment of philosophy
    It is for this reason that I made a quote from Dzhigurda (oh my God, did I really write that ?!) in an epigraph. We want to make a great program for this conference, and at the same time remain focused on Java. As I wrote above, this path seems dangerous to many, because we are moving against the trend. Trend - this is the information field of the earth, this is what puts pressure on us from the outside. And we really do not like it when they press us. And it is through the breaking of the trend and a return to the roots that we will change this very information field.

    If you want to become a speaker, if you have something to tell, just fill out the appropriate form on the website . We will contact you within a few hours. We accept applications until February 20, that is, you have only 3 weeks to comment on the topic and plan your speech. Do not pull!


    Once again, all related links:

    Tickets are already on sale. For those who can’t come to Moscow on April 20, but don’t want to wait a few months for the conference materials to become public, the option of buying an online broadcast is available .

    And the last for today. We want to make JPoint 2015 a world-class conference. In order to fulfill this dream, we ask you to write in the comments below your wishes on the topics of reports and speakers that you want to see at the conference. See you at JPoint!

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