Monitoring from Brazil - continue to conquer Latin America

    HostTracker has got a new site monitoring site in the New World. This time it was Brazil's turn. A little about the features of the Brazilian hosting, as well as another piece of information about our service - under the cut.

    Is it easy to find hosting in Brazil?

    As you know, Brazil uses the Portuguese language. For me, the absence of the English version of the site from most Brazilian hosters was not a surprise. But the lack of the Spanish version, in the environment of Brazil by Spanish-speaking countries and fairly close economic ties with them, I was frankly surprised. So, in my personal experience, hosting in Brazil can be divided into three types: with the English / Spanish version of the site and a data center in the USA; Website only in Portuguese, data center in the USA; Website only in Portuguese, data center in Brazil. All of the about two dozen Brazilian hosting services that I looked through in the process fell into one of these categories. We definitely needed a server in Brazil, so resellers from the first two categories did not fit. The first group was easy to calculate, the problem was to distinguish the second from the third, using the simplified Spanish and Google Translator into Portuguese, since the support of the last two categories does not speak English. From the fact that this article appeared, it is clear that a suitable hoster with a data center in Brazil was nevertheless found. If suddenly this is relevant to someone, I can share my experience.

    Checks from around the world

    As an example of using the service in general and a new point in particular, we consider a part of the real log of checks on one site.
    As you can see, the check from Argentina (in the red box) returned an error, the site could not load and the request fell off in timeout:

    A double-check immediately followed, in order to determine if the real mistake was. This is done to minimize false positives. As you can see, in this case 7 points (green frame), which includes servers from the USA, India, Africa, Russia and Brazil, take part in the rechecking. And the whole world, including Brazil, neighboring to Argentina, returned a positive result. Thanks to the point from Brazil, we know that even from South America the site works and it really was an accident that could occur if the site being checked and the verification server are located on different continents.

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