New Chat and WebRTC - in 3CX Phone System 12.5

    One of the important updates to 3CX Phone System v12.5 RC is the updated chat in 3CXPhone for Windows and Mac. Now you can start a WebRTC video call or 3CX WebMeetings conference directly from the chat

    New chat functionality



    WebRTC video call directly from chat

    Now you can quickly switch from text clock to video and voice calls via WebRTC. Just click on the webrtc-call“Send WebRTC Call” icon  and a link to a WebRTC session will be sent to a colleague. The ability to send screenshots and videos makes communication even more convenient and informative!

    Start 3CX WebMeetings Conference with One Click

    In addition to sending a link to WebRTC, you can initiate a WebMeetings conference, where you will be the organizer and will be able to invite other participants. To do this, click webmeeting-iconthe Create WebMeeting icon  . 3CX WebMeeting is a full-fledged video conference, with the ability to publish materials and share a browser.

    View chat history

    Moreover, by clicking on the “Chat History” icon on Windows or selecting  chat-history-2“Show history” on a Mac, you can view the entire history of communication.

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