Zend Framework 2 stable released


    I hasten to share the news that finally came the long-awaited stable ZF2. Its description is very promising: the use of 100% object-oriented code and most of the new features of PHP 5.3, such as namespace, late static binding, lambda functions and closures. Unique component composition, components are designed with minimal dependencies. ZF2 strictly follows OOP patterns. Its loosely coupled architecture allows developers to use the components they want. Developers call this "use-at-will" architecture.
    ZF2 supports Pyrus and Composer, as a mechanism for installing and tracking dependencies, as a whole framework as a whole and for each component.
    ZF2 uses PHPUnit to test code and Travis CI as a Continuous Integration service.
    Having followed the link http://framework.zend.com/ you will see the new site design. And everything is moving forward under the slogan “Be a PHP Hero”.
    This is the motto of the Zend Technologies project - a cloud for developing PHP applications based on Zend Server phpcloud.com , with various chips sharpened by Zend Studio (some work in other IDEs), such as fast diploma, convenient debugging, etc.
    As you can see from everything, the ZF2 community has tried pretty hard, providing a lot of documentation, which is already growing with examples. And also “Get started with ZF2”, by which you can create your application on ZF2.

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