First start

    Hello, dear Habrausers! In the first days of autumn, we will try to keep the summer a little longer and paint Habrahabr in green.
    MegaFon and our products are often discussed in various thematic hubs, our subscribers and users are looking for answers in Q&A . Starting today, we will support this communication.
    • New products, services and affiliate programs often require detailed coverage, and we are ready to talk about how they appeared, how they work and what awaits us next.
    • Now among our employees there are not so many Habrausers, but with each new publication or parsed issue there will be more. We want you to be able to answer each question from a specialist in the relevant field.
    • The most important thing for us is not so much to tell about ourselves as to hear you. We are ready to listen: criticism and suggestions, comments and uncomfortable questions, wishes and praise.

    One small step

    A few years ago, we were the first to launch the 3G network, the first to do a per-second billing, the first to introduce roaming prices in Europe, which no longer bite and act immediately, without the need for additional options, and the first of the Big Three to give access to the 4G network . Recently, they were the first to launch a smartphone with Intel Atom chipset on the Russian market .

    Habra users, like no other, were able to evaluate each of the milestones in our history, and we hope that you will participate in the following. And we, in turn, will give you this opportunity.

    back side

    Daily use is hidden behind the daily use of services already familiar to you and the emergence of interesting new products. To be faster, we are changing. Today, the key areas for us are:
    • Network development
    • Affordable Rates
    • Service and customer service
    • Content and Media
    • Mobile finance
    • Mobile ad
    • Cloud solutions

    In the process of working on the main products for subscribers, sometimes it is necessary to solve many non-standard tasks that lead to some interesting developments and projects. In addition to detailed coverage of the main operator functions and equipment, we will tell you about interesting projects and experimental developments that appear on our test sites.


    We periodically collect excursions to closed network infrastructure facilities where you can see: non-standard base stations, mobile base stations, the Federal Network Management Center, etc., arrange meetings for users of our forums and social media platforms.
    Habrahabr events will help you to participate in such meetings.

    Training flight

    Before launching, any product or service is tested. For example, right now there is a set in the group for testing the SMS-notification system, which is used by the Ministry of Emergencies in their work. If you want to take part in testing, write to us about it in the comments.


    Ahead of us is testing new services, services and devices, debunking Habramifs and interesting details of our work. If you have topics that are already haunting you, feel free to let us know.

    We are pleased to become part of one of the most active IT communities in Runet.

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