Gamepad Support Contest

    Dear friends! We invite you to participate in the competition of games for the Windows Store! The only condition for accepting your application for the competition is to support a gamepad, such as a controller for the Xbox360 or Xbox One. About how to develop applications for the Windows Store with a gamepad support, you can from our articles: Xbox One gamepad for games on PC , How to use GamePad in a browser and in Windows applications with HTML and JavaScript? , Vibration of the XboxOne gamepad for Unity3d and the training course " Support for gamepads in the development of computer games ."
    We will be very happy if you use existing practices, for example, transfer your application for a mobile device to the Windows 8.1 platform. You can develop or port a game for Windows 8.1 using a large number of technologies and tools, many of which are corss-platform. Already now you can learn how to create and transfer gaming applications to our platform on a special page of the competition .
    If you already have a published game for Windows 8 or Windows Phone, and the genre of the game allows you to add support for the gamepad, be sure to take part in the competition!
    In addition to the chance to win prizes in our competition, do not forget to also make an application to the Id @ Xbox program !It is possible your wonderful game application will interest the Xbox team, especially since it will already support the gamepad.
    After the results of the competition are summed up, the games selected by the jury will go to a special “shelf of games with support for a gamepad” in the Windows Store section, which means that more users will find your game.

    As part of the competition, on January 29 at 10 a.m. an online webinar will also be held, which you can connect to using this link . In the framework of the webinar, we will talk about how to register in the Windows application store, what steps must be done to create an application package (using the example of a game based on Unity3d and HTML5 technologies), and how to publish this application.

    You can find refereeing criteria and contest rules at

    We wish you good luck and victory in the contest!

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