Stephen Wolfram's introduction to Wolfram

Original author: Stephen Wolfram
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Hello, Habr! I believe that many have heard about the Wolfram Mathematica system , however, judging by the fact that there is not even a separate hub on the Habr dedicated to Wolfram technologies, not many are aware of their real potential. But it seems that this will change soon, as Wolfram is close to the final release of the technology that they have been developing for 30 years. It is called Wolfram Language and represents a completely new programming paradigm, much more powerful than all existing ones.

Compared to existing systems, Wolfram programming is somewhat similar to Python programming: everything is extremely intuitive and absolutely any possibilities are available out of the box. But unlike Python, Wolfram is not focused on simple algorithms, but on data processing and research (although this does not interfere with programming in a procedural style, but it will be similar to using goto in OOP). If now you have the words MATLAB or Mathcad in your head, then I honestly admit that I am not familiar with these systems. However, I am familiar with SciLab and Maxima, which are usually put on a par. And for the last 2 copies, Wolfram technology doesn’t look like it. It is like Windows 2000 and iOS.
However, all this is just my modest impression of using Wolfram Mathematica.whose syntax is an impressive part of the upcoming Wolfram Language. And about what is really coming, it is better to listen to the one who in 1979 brewed all this mess with a new type of science - Stephen Wolffram in the voice acting of Roman Osipov from Russian-speaking support for Wolfram Mathematica and my translation from English.


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