Club of anonymous Santa Clauses on Habré 2014-2015


    Hello Santa Claus!

    With a little delay, we are pleased to inform you that the Club of Anonymous Santa Clauses 2014-2015 on Habrahabr is open!

    First of all, we would like to apologize for the delay. We know that you were waiting for us a month ago.
    According to Murphy’s law, everything that happened could happen to us. But now we know when to start preparing next year.

    Now about the important changes

    GeekTimes appeared this year , and we could not help but react to it.
    It was decided to divide our project into two resources.

    So, the new rules:

    ADM at Habrahabr

    For new users, a restriction on participation in the event has been introduced.
    The user must have at least 20 karma, or be an "Old Member" - that is, participate in 2012 and 2013.
    But do not worry those who want to participate. Everyone is welcome at Geektimes.

    ADM at Geektimes

    Everything is still there. None (except general, about them below, restrictions)

    Both resources

    As before, users in ReadOnly mode or blocked by the administration cannot participate.

    Also, based on the data collected over 2 years, we banned about 500 people who seemed unreliable to our computer. But since all this is done automatically by a soulless machine, errors are possible. Therefore, the elf @habraadm is ready to help you restore your honest name of Santa Claus if your account was blocked by mistake.

    Oh yes! The ADM at Geektimes club will be located at and will open tomorrow.

    As always, negasus and kafeman are ready to answer your questions .

    May the New Year's Force be with you!

    And yet - we have a habraadm twitter - sign up.

    Happy New Year!

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