If digital product designers were creating real things.

Original author: Pablo Stanley
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Hi, Habr! I present to your attention the translation of a small entertaining article . Hev himself a fan!

I tell in comics.

About the author: Pablo Stanley (Pablo Stanley), designer InVision.

Before, when someone asked about my profession, I replied that I was working as a product designer. Immediately flew the next question: "And what kind of products? Furniture, aircraft, radio, headphones, sex toys? "Confused, I explained what I mean digital products:" Well, this is the type of websites and attachments. "

In response, I received only views full of bewilderment, so I had to explain myself further: “I deal with pixels and invented material, but I like to call all this a product: I immediately feel useful, you see?”.

In general, now I call myself just a designer.

However, this does not free me from questions. I continue to clarify that I do not create interiors, clothes or lamps (but it would be cool!).

I often wonder what will happen if, as a digital product designer, I have to create material things. Will I follow the same person-oriented processes, or will I try to make pixel-perfect chairs?

I decided to consider this idea through comics.

Note: after each image there is a text version of the comic book with the translation.

Chair Design

“We will wait for feedback from the client before we add new features”

There is a wooden stick between Francis and Paul. Francis is confused.

Francis, pointing to the stick:
- It was supposed to be a chair.

- Oh, it's just his MVP version.


"Bro, and you just Dieter Rams?".

Petunia and Paul are standing nearby. Between them is something like a unicycle. Petunia is puzzled.

Petunia, scratching his head:
- We needed a bicycle, not a monocycle.

- This is a bicycle. I simplified it by removing unnecessary elements.

Cup of coffee

“All the best for the user. Beautiful and affordable ... well, if you have the newest gadget with fast internet access. ”

Gabs and Paul are standing nearby. Paul holds his cell phone next to his face and frantically waves his hand. Gabs is upset.

- You made a cup of coffee?

- Even better! I made it in augmented reality! Yes, even so realistic!


"GTM plans to prepare an MVP for B2B GA based on our research and development so that we can get ROI on our SAAS IP."

Francis and Paul are standing next to a wooden table. It has several buttons aligned horizontally. On the buttons from left to right, faces are drawn from evil to merry. Francis is intrigued.

“Great dining table, but what are these buttons?”

- We need more CTA to beat the key NPS numbers in the fourth quarter!


Air guitar is not a marriage, but a feature!

Gabs holds a strange guitar with a special color coating. Paul is agitated. Gabs is annoyed.

- You forgot to add the strings!

- Yes, but look at this amazing gradient!

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