6 games in 6 weeks - the fourth game

    Why live if you don’t laugh at yourself and make fun of your friends

    Game Four - Chapai . I decided to completely redo my ancient application and changed everything I could in the game - pictures, goals, physics, code. But not about the code I want to tell. Not about modeling the roughness of a chessboard. Not about the algorithm of collision of balanced drafts. And not even about the numerical solution of the three-body collision problem. Not.

    I have a long-standing favor for the country that I love and for the people whom I respect. Once I lived in the USSR and was an exemplary citizen. They divided my country - I endured it. I can answer grievances only with a sharp word and a daring joke. In protest, I wrote the ironic game Sea Battle, where two republics fought for the Black Sea.
    My craft was shown in the Time program, and they called me a hawk, fomenting war.

    It has been 20 years since then. I am used to the loss of the USSR, youth and the FORTRAN language. And suddenly. Injustice happened again. And I released a game where injustice is punished and good conquers evil.

    And at the same time he returned the favor for that old unsuccessful joke program.

    Guys, fight and win in virtual worlds. And let the world leave the world.

    Who will put a minus - that worm.
    And read the tags.

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