6 games in 6 weeks - the second game

    On November 6th, I decided to release 6 games in 6 weeks.
    The second game - 4 rooms .


    Oh oh First of all, I’ll say that I’m not aquaman!
    So here. Recently, at your school there have been vile rumors that development for iOS is unpromising for single wolves.
    What? This is not true!

    Yes, iPhone 6 has become more expensive than Lada Kalina.
    Yes, the share of iOS devices in the world fell below 14%.
    Yes, store shelves are littered with 2,000,000 applications.
    So, haters, then why ...
    Wait a minute!
    Bitch, remind me why you are not a hobbit?
    Ah! So so so! I get it. Smacking. Till.

    Then why every year there is a hit exploding the iPhone world?

    And here is why

    Remember the story. With the advent of a new thing, humanity has been exhausting its capabilities for at least 7 years.
    At the same time, pioneers remove fame or money. I affirm that for mobile devices (which are driving a finger across the screen) all the possibilities have not yet been exhausted.
    There are two whole years left. Do not slow down!

    Do not believe? See ...

    Drama. Shakespeare was the first to exhaust all 7 stories.
    Russian language. Pushkin was the first to exhaust all domestic rhymes. We only left a newspeak such as a twitter sweater.
    I don’t know about English. Perhaps Blake is their Pushkin.

    Devices with a keyboard. Invented packman, arcanoid and tetris. In the Bible something they are not mentioned. Shooters are present, yes.
    A mouse appeared - match3, lines and solitaire were born. And 3D shooters.

    2008 year. Finger control - Angry Birds, Fruit Ninja, Cut the Rope, Flappy Bird - you know them yourself. There was a chance to find a hit based on the plot - driving a finger across the screen.

    Who will blow up the world?
    You should be this lucky one. I respect the Hindus and Vietnamese, but they have it so warmly.
    Let it be a guy freezing in winter.

    The plot of the game is 4 rooms

    Okay, dreaming, back to the new math fun.
    When developing the game, I proceeded from the principle of the simplest control - in the application you need to move your finger left or right or up and down.
    And that’s all.
    As a result of a brain rupture, the following plot was born.

    There are 4 walls in the room - yellow, red, blue, blue.
    Colored treasures fall into the room. Treasures must be removed from the room and hidden from the tax.
    If treasures are not hidden, they will destroy you.
    I didn’t want it, because you still have to live and live.

    Yellow treasures can only be carried out through the yellow wall.
    Red treasures can only be carried out through the red wall.
    Blue treasures can only be carried out through the blue wall.
    Blue ... - Well, you understand.

    See plot

    Thank you for reading me, and not following the dollar.
    The game is free. But not cheap, agree.

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