Updates on vds.menu

    Hello, Habr! Only two weeks have passed

    since the announcement of the vds.menu project , but there is already news that I would like to talk about: during this time, a number of changes have been made that improve the quality of the search for virtual servers. Firstly, the opportunity has appeared to search by price for 3, 6 or 12 months. Very often hosters make discounts for long-term payments, so now you can specify the period for which you want to pay and the minimum and maximum prices. At the same time, the total price for the specified period will be displayed in the tariff information.

    As a result of this, another improvement appeared: now you can bring the mouse to the cost information and see the price when paying for a month, 3 months, half a year or a year. Due to the unstable exchange rate, foreign hosters have already ceased to be so attractive at a price and many are looking for a similar replacement, for example, with a fixed price in rubles. Especially for this, the ability to search by host currency was added. If you bring the mouse to the type of virtualization and see a list of operating systems that the hoster offers for installation. Search by processor can now be done not only by the total frequency, but also set limits on the number of cores:

    Now you can specify restrictions on channel speed and select additional criteria for searching: the presence or absence of a Windows license included in the price, the presence or absence of an ISPmanager license, the presence or absence of IPv6 addresses, the type of server activation (manual or automatic) and the minimum payment period (1 month or more than one month). I hope that these improvements will help to find the best virtual server. Also, I remind you that in order to add tariffs to the site, the host needs to fill out this table and send it and the logo on a transparent background to info@vds.menu

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