IT Services Market Research 2008 and 2009 Forecasts

    According to IDC, the volume of the Russian IT services market in 2008 exceeded $ 5.22 billion, which corresponds to an annual increase of 18.7%. In ruble terms, a similar indicator was 15.4%. The largest consumers of IT services in Russia in 2008 were government organizations (19.2% of the total costs of IT services in the country), as well as financial (16.9%), telecommunications (13%) and energy (12, 9%) of the company. The most popular were system integration services, which accounted for more than 20% of the market.

    The slowdown in the development of the Russian economy in the second half of 2008 led to a significant reduction in spending on information technology as a whole, which could not but affect the state of the IT services market.

    According to IDC forecasts, the IT services market expects a significant decline: the lowest rates will fall in 2009, after which the market will begin to recover slowly. Most companies will postpone the implementation of large projects, and those who nevertheless engage in new projects will most likely prefer smaller-scale solutions. By 2013, according to IDC estimates, the volume of the Russian IT services market will amount to $ 4.73 billion.

    The crisis will have the least impact on those IT services that customers simply cannot do without, as well as those that will bring them tangible cost savings in short term or will help expand the business. These services include IT consulting (in particular, services for evaluating the cost-effectiveness of IT infrastructure and ensuring its security), as well as various forms of outsourcing.

    “The recession will not last forever, which is why IT service providers should take the time to lull in order to review their solution portfolio and have new competitive offers in service by the time the market resumes normal operation,” said Alexander Prokhorov, IDC's leading market analyst IT services.

    One of the preparatory measures may also be recruiting rare specialists, some of whom are ready to change jobs due to changed conditions. When the IT services market starts to recover - and according to IDC forecasts, this should happen next year - the suppliers will be staffed with qualified personnel capable of providing their employers with competitive advantages.

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