Green virus or engine of progress?

    The “green” fever generated a heap of viral plots - among them are horror stories about environmental collapse and utopian pictures of a beautiful digital future, where a person unanimously steps hand in hand with nature and an armpit laptop.

    The less impressionable public, traditionally discerned the “West's hand” in green fashion and drank another budget.

    Despite domestic skepticism, the success of “green” propaganda in Europe clearly convinces domestic leaders that green marketing is not only a way to pump money from consumers, but also an opportunity to really optimize the techno-economic situation in society.

    Is it so important - fact or fake? If in order to convince people to switch to electronic record keeping you need to scare them with Kontsom Sveta (tm), then I agree.

    Not that I feel sorry for the trees, but by saving on paper we can spend this money on something useful, for example, the same schools and hospitals. We will leave the environment aside, but by optimizing the logistics we will save on fuel - why not spend resources on social programs?

    However, despite the fact that the development of IT infrastructure is a rapid jack, talk about saving transportation costs due to remote employees remains talk. “ Plankton must sit somewhere ” - if you tried to find a remote job from the region, then you know it perfectly. A green office is not somethingwhat did you think , but a room that allows the owner to save on electricity.

    IT infrastructure allows saving not only on paper, but also on software with hardware. In parallel with electronic document management, “cloud computing” and products from the SaaS (Software As A Service) series are being promoted in the world. As shown studies Nucleus Research, cloud computing consume 91% less energy than traditional applications.

    And again, we see that our managers are in no hurry to switch to SaaS. How could it be otherwise — data should be stored at hand in the office — a phenomenon popularly known as “plushkinism”.

    However, Plyushkinism is a phenomenon, apparently, not only domestic. Dell , HPand other manufacturers - already supply mobile data centers the size of a transport container. Mobile server room on demand - economical and efficient!

    At the same time, some members of the troika are opening commercial data centers in the Volga region and plan to open them in every federal district by 2015. If the project of Megaphone does not suffer the sad fate of Exodus Communication , then the market for commercial data centers will be freshened up by competition and sky-high prices will finally be replaced by cloud computing.


    I would like the opinion of habraluy why the "green virus" did become the engine of progress in Europe, unlike? Cultural features or incompetence of public relations services that are not able to develop a mass trend in society? Should we even go the green way, or maybe we have our own way?

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