Review “Top 3D Expo. Digital Education 2018

    On September 21, 2018, in the capital center of high technologies “Technopolis Moscow”, the exhibition-conference “Top 3D Expo. Digital Education 2018 . At the event, manufacturers and users of 3D-technology and other means of digital production met, interested in the innovations of technical progress and the use of its fruits in the educational sphere.

    The exposition presented samples of 3D printers and 3D scanners , materials and accessories for them, laser and milling machines , vacuum casting equipment, hardware and software for VR and AR .

    All equipment could be observed in action. The public was introduced to the newest 3D printer Picaso 3D Designer XL .

    During the event, our traditional workshops  on 3D printing and 3D scanning were held, and colleagues from Foliplast presented a lecture with a master class on vacuum casting.

    Conference participants, experts from leading Russian and international companies, spoke about the use of digital equipment in education and related fields, difficulties and intricacies, as well as successful examples of such applications.

    Vasily Kiselev, founder and development director of Top 3D Shop, made an opening speech .

    Maxim Zhuravlev spoke about the most serious possible mistakes in the process of integrating new digital equipment into education, manufacturing and business, their causes and ways to avoid them.

    Maxim Sukharev from Foliplast spoke about vacuum casting of small and medium batches of plastic parts and demonstrated the casting process in practice.

    A compact vacuum molding machine HVC-M , ideal for small industries and education, took part in the master class .

    Artem Krasovsky, a representative of RangeVision , a Russian developer and manufacturer of 3D scanners and related software, spoke about the experience of using the RangeVision 3D scanner in the framework of the National Championship “Young Professionals” (WorldSkills Russia).

    Ilya Viger, CEO of VR Concept , which introduces advanced digital imaging and control systems in enterprises, spoke about the use of virtual (VR) and augmented (AR) reality technologies in education and the industry, as well as the interaction between VR and 3D printing.

    Andrei Tsyganov, marketing director at Roland DG Russia , spoke about the role that the CNC milling machine plays in CAD / CAM education .

    Vladislav Kurbatov, General Director of AM-KOR LLC, spoke about how additive technologies are used in mass production.

    Andrey Isupov, CEO of PICASO 3D, presented the new 3D printer PICASO 3D Designer XL , spoke about its design, purpose and capabilities.

    Andrei Tyrsa told about the existing examples of the use of 3D printing in education and the prospects for its development.

    Fyodor Antonov spoke about the features of printing with composites with continuous fibers, in particular, carbon-fiber plastics, necessary for this specific device of the printer and properties of products printed from such material, as well as a special Anisoprint printer designed for these purposes.

    Artem Solomnikov from Imprinta told about a living example of teaching technological disciplines using 3D printing in the ZMIT of Zheleznogorsk and the techniques applied there.

    Alexander Kornweitz from the “Color World” spoke about the use of 3D printers in schools, technical universities and colleges; for additional education - in technocorkings and TsMIT, courses on robotics, modeling and industrial programming, on the example of 3D-printersRaise3D .

    Technical Director "OIM" Sergey Morgun presented the first in Russia high-speed ATOS 5 scanner . ATOS 5 is used to control the geometry of molded and stamped products, modeling, prototyping, tracking and positioning parts on CNC machines. These technical processes become an integral part of the production, and therefore must be present in the training programs for the relevant professions.

    All performances aroused a keen interest of listeners. The information provided by the lecturers contributed to understanding the reasons why the use of digital production technologies in the educational sphere is inevitable, and also provided guidelines for their most effective use.

    After some time, we plan to post a video of several speeches - follow the news in our blog , subscribe to the channel on YouTube and Instagram , so as not to miss new interesting posts.

    For more photos from Top 3D Expo, see our album in VK, mark yourself on the photo if you were at the event, and share your impressions in the comments.

    Thank you for being with us at this celebration of the future, coming now. The use of additive and digital technologies in education, of course, contributes to the spread and introduction of advanced production methods, which drives progress in general. We are glad that we were able to help this process a little.

    Come to the next exhibition conference Top 3D Expo, which will be held in the spring. We will prepare for you even more interesting. See you!

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