30 steps you need to take on Facebook to make your business skyrocket in the new year

Original author: Marya Jan
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Have you used Facebook to grow your business this year? Or planning to start next year? Perhaps you have a business page, but it still has not given a return? Maybe you are afraid of the changes that are happening all the time, and you doubt whether you can keep your finger on the pulse? Today is a happy day - you will learn about what will need to be done in order for your Facebook page to become successful in 2015.

You will not need to hire someone or make radical changes to your work strategy. All you need to do is to make sure that you know about Facebook exactly as much as you need to work, you don’t need to know everything from A to Z. You will need to perform systematic and consistent actions that will move you closer and closer to the cherished goal.

So, let's begin!

Make an amazing first impression.

1. Pick up great photos
When you customize your Facebook page, pay special attention to the main profile photo. It should reflect the nature of your activity and be of high quality. Imagine that someone found your page on the web for the first time. What would you like this person to understand about you? If you are a freelancer, for example, what are your tasks? The photo should give answers to the maximum number of questions.

2. Fill in the section "About Me"


Right below the photo you will see a link to your profile. Fill it out as fully and correctly as possible. So visitors can find out information about you and your business. Please note: in addition to the link to your profile, there is also a column on the left. Visitors to your page will be able to immediately find out the most important thing about you (without having to go anywhere). Often they forget about it, but in vain. Do not forget about opt-in (your customers consent to subscribe). Distribution will be carried out by e-mail.

Create a stunning content strategy

3. Create posts that teach, entertain and inspire
People spend a lot of time searching for information of interest to them, reading news, looking for ways to entertain themselves and find ways to solve their problems. If you can satisfy their needs, then not only make sure that everything you do is not in vain, but also make sure that they will be glad to see you in their Feed. Therefore, work on your content strategy.

Learn to write effective headlines.
People are always busy. And in order for your updates to reach the goal and attract attention, you need to try. Hone your catchy headline writing skills and it will pay off. Great headlines will promote you on Facebook faster than you can say the word itself.

Post to maximize visitors


Think about exactly which posts your visitors will be interested in while promoting on Facebook. Now get distracted and reflect on how you want to see your ideal audience? What exactly can make them raise their thumb up, expressing satisfaction? Photos work well, because they are clearly visible in the Ribbon, the same applies to video. Use them in tandem to complement your daily posts.

4. Ask your audience questions, but those that will not make them think long and strain their brains. The question, the answer to which is in one word or sentence, will involve more users in the discussion, remember this. Quotes, humorous cuts, tips and tricks - use it all! Do not forget to hold contests, publish advertising posts, but neatly and minimally.

5. Strive to the maximum.
Update your posts when most of your target audience is online. Think and create your posts in advance, as well as repeat them, because all the same, not all your subscribers are online when you create a new post. Facebook posts do not live long, so you need to update them regularly.

6. Use high-quality images

Everyone who uses Facebook to develop their business and does not use the full power of photos to do this simply loses money. People are emotional creatures, and always pay attention to a beautiful photo that suddenly pops up into a sea of ​​text messages. We just can’t ignore the post, if we have a photo in front of us, the eye will certainly catch it, forcing us to linger, to delve deeper.

7. Tell your business story.
You can tell your story using a series of photos. Try to ensure that they convey the meaning as fully as possible. Make sure that the images evoke an emotional response.

8. Inspire with a photo.
Ask the fans to share (repost) the materials that they liked. A special button is on your page.

9. Teach people.
Tell your audience how to do something. If you use the images, you will get an excellent master class

10. Do not use only images

Do not upload just a photo. Complete it with quotes, sayings, tips or any other useful and information. The effect of this will be many times higher.

11. Minimalism is your trump card

Do not add a lot of text or other elements to the photo in the pursuit of attracting attention. This may have the opposite effect.

Learn to manage your Facebook

ads 12. Workshop targeting

You could click on the special “Promote” button and force the promotion of your Facebook post. However, do not do this. It would be better if you run an ad on Facebook that will achieve clear targeting. As a result, this can turn out to be a huge cost per click, but when you promote a post, your targeting options will be limited.

You can start by looking at the pages of your competitors by using the search. There should be a lot of them, so that you carefully analyze them for a while. If you have a decent list of email addresses, then you can pull it on Facebook to create a similar audience. Ultimately, you can create a customer base that meets your criteria.

13. We deal with Power Editor.

It is strongly recommended that you contact the services of a specialist - an expert on advertisements on Facebook. It will help to understand the Power Editor tool. It’s not so difficult, and you don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars on advertising. You will receive expert help, and this will help prevent common mistakes in the future.

14. As soon as you start running your ads, start their split testing. Stop any ads that don’t work, and leave only those that are most clickable. There is a simple way to understand this: keep an eye on the ad until it gets 50 clicks, and then analyze what it costs you to launch.

15. Use remarketing

Using advertisements on the FB, you can also attract the attention of those people who visited your profile without registering. These people have shown interest in what you offer, and as soon as you feel confident in advertising, you can create ads specifically for this audience.

Create groups

Groups on the FB are a great way to create strong links between your readers, future and existing customers.

16. Create a personal group for prepaid customers only.

Offer this exclusive access as part of a program, course, or product update. People must send a request to join. Clients will have to pay for the opportunity to work more closely with you, as well as for the chance to join a group of like-minded people.

17. Create a shared group for your subscribers


People need to subscribe to your newsletter or feed in order to get into this group. You need to make every effort to promote it in order to attract a significant number of customers. You interact with members of this group, they see your work, and stand at a level higher than those who are just in your mailing list.

18. Add other groups for work.

You can join other groups to communicate with partners and clients.

Stand out on Facebook

People spend a lot of time on FB, but they, for the most part, spend it on communicating with friends, family, and not on business. It is worth taking action so that your ads do not sink into oblivion.

19. Be a real person

Interact with people and communicate. Pay attention to criticism and praise. Do not be a faceless business unit.

20. Unveil yourself

Let your posts be interesting. Share some personal information, show what you are interested in.

21. Use the best images.

As already mentioned, a photo is very important. Choose photos of only excellent quality, differentiate yourself from your competitors and position yourself as a professional.

22. Be civilized.

Always be polite, despite the fact that you want to say everything that you think in person.

23. Be consistent.

The best way to impress customers is to always do what you promised. Very soon it will give excellent results.

Keep your finger on the pulse

There are several functions on the FB in order to track the actions of competitors.

24. Use the FB's pages for tracking.

You can see which ones they added records, quotes, photos and which of them received a big return.

25. FB has an excellent feature: you can add pages to your list of interests. This way you can spy on them, but they will not know about it.

We highlight the essence

People are upset, because they do not know what to bet on, what to pay more attention to. They just drown in the flow of information.

26. Look at the metrics on the right side.


Do not be discouraged if you think that you have insufficient audience coverage. There are more important metrics worth tracking. To begin with, do not look at achievements, but pay attention to the number of people who are active in one way or another.

27. Upload statistics and look at the big picture.


You can summarize all the statistical materials and see which of your posts are the most successful. Thus, ways of further development can be determined.

Use Facebook to build your database of email addresses.

This may seem counterintuitive, but the success of a business page is far from the number of likes. This is all significant, but the main goal is to attract potential customers.

28. Create the right and truly attractive offer for your target audience.

Create specialized offers aimed at generating leads. What becomes clear very quickly works very well.

29. Place ads in order to build a list of contacts

You can advertise important updates and posts, but you will get the most out of the money spent only when you lead people to the landing page, sharpened accordingly. You can create a page for this purpose on your site or use a separate page.

30. Remember to warm the interest of your newly acquired customersand make an initial offer using the service automation service of your email newsletter service. Use a series of letters prepared in advance to achieve location and trust, and ultimately offer the product or service in the optimal time in the optimal way.


To summarize. So, in order to master Facebook in 2015 to develop your business, you need to learn more about the principles of this social network, and not only have superficial and fragmentary knowledge. It is important to master the most basic functions. Thus, an understanding will emerge of what you need to do unequivocally, and what - simply ignore it. Even if reading this material has raised more questions than answered, this is already good, because you will know in which direction to look for information.

Now go and act! Make this year yours, become a Facebook star, and share with us in the comments below exactly which tips are most useful to you.

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