New release and features: 3CX Phone System 12.5 Release Candidate


    There was no news from 3CX for a long time, but there is a good reason for this - they actively “sawed” the new 3CX Phone System build.

    And now, just the other day, the release candidate version 12.5 was released.


    We’ll tell you what's new:

    - Calls to customers directly from the browser through 3CX WebRTC Gateway . Now there is no need to pay for the “8-800 ...” line, calls can be made directly from the browser (both audio and video), with automatic routing to employees.
    - Integration with Microsoft Exchange Calendar . Now 3CX automatically changes the status of subscribers through synchronization with Outlook (“Out of office”, “Work in another place”, etc.)
    - Automatic CallBack in case of unsuccessful “blind” transfer of a call. Now, if you transferred the call, but the subscriber did not answer or was busy, the call will automatically return later
    - Confirmed call forwarding from the desk phone via CTI to 3CXPhone for Windows
    - New design of 3CXPhone for Mac ! The new 3CXPhone for Mac has a more modern design, with a new echo cancellation module and the ability to schedule 3CX WebMeetings — Support for Htek
    IP Phones | Hanlong , namely:
    —Installation is now easier + added support for new VoIP-operators. More details - here

    Other chips and goodies v12.5:

    • X86 system support
    • Video calls for 3CXPhone for Windows.
    • Improved chat functionality in 3CXPhone for Windows.
    • Video chat on 3CXPhone for Windows using WebRTC or WebMeeting.
    • Planning 3CX WebMeetings through 3CXPhone for Mac.
    • The new echo cancellation model in 3CXPhone Windows and Mac.
    • New Polycom Templates That Support Centralized Firmware Upgrade
    • Search for contacts through ODBC sources
    • Chat for calls via WebRTC
    • Improved interface for Inbound and Outbound parameters for VoIP providers and Gateways
    • Windows Server Time is displayed in the 3CX Management Console
    • 3CX Phone System can be installed on Microsoft Exchange Server
    • Ability to reset and reconfigure 3CXPhone clients from the Management Console.
    • Improved connection through the SBC module.
    • Ability to save old HTTP / HTTPS HTTP / HTTPS ports (5000/5001) or choose your own


    You can download 3CX Phone System 12.5RC here (a client for Mac OS is included in the package).
    And here are the 3CXPhone versions for Android (on Google Play) and iOS (in the AppStore).

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