Go 1.4 release announced

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    Release Notes
    Significant innovations for developers in the language:

    • The initial gorouting thread stack is now 2Kb versus 8Kb in version 1.3.
    • Improved Android port . Now you can compile .so libraries, not just executable binaries.
    • Introduced go generate utility designed to generate code at the compilation stage. Generation of methods for private types from generic code is a special case of the possible use of go generate.
    • A set of professional tools not included in the box now lives on golang.org/x/, for example .
    • Backward compatibility guaranteed.
    • The speed has not increased significantly.

    News for researchers and contributors:

    • runtime is almost completely (scavenger for example) rewritten from C to Go.
    • The scavenger has become fully precise.
    • The call stack is now sliding , rather than segmented (Rust developers went the same way).
    • Development migrates from Mercurial to Git and from codereview to gerrit.
    • Repository moves from code.google.com to github.com/golang/go

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