Petooh programming language

    After three years of development, the Github user with the nickname Ky6uk finally published the fundamentally new (literally) Petooh programming language. This is a Brainfuck dialect in which obscure and inconvenient characters are replaced by human-readable words. To execute the code, scripts are used in Haskell and Perl, at the user's choice. Of the other examples of the author’s work, one can mention only a stool written in Javascript

    Example code:
    Hidden text
    Kud-Kudah KoKoKoKoKoKoKoKoKoKo
    KoKoKoKoKoKoKoKo kudah kO kud-Kudah Kukarek kudah
    kokoko Kud-Kudah
    kOkOkOkO kudah kO kud-Kudah Ko Kukarek kudah
    KoKoKoKo Kud-Kudah KoKoKoKo kudah kO kud-Kudah kO Kukarek
    kOkOkOkOkO Kukarek Kukarek kOkOkOkOkOkOkO

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