The digest of interesting materials from the world of Drupal # 1

    Recently, in web development, keeping track of all the technical innovations and trends has become almost impossible due to their explosive growth. But I still want to keep abreast of the pulse, because, I think, you can only move forward and offer a competitive product by accumulating other people's experience - except, of course, in cases of happy insights or chance.
    Recently, digests with reviews of changes that occur in the world every day on a variety of topics have become popular on Habré, and this, admittedly, is becoming almost the only window into the world of related knowledge that I'm curious about.
    I want to continue the glorious tradition with the next digest - for this I am glad about the framework from the world of PHP - about Drupal.
    I hope that this digest will find its reader, both among people constantly practicing this system, and from related technologies, frameworks. From my own experience, I know how useful it is to draw knowledge from other systems, since there are materials that are absolutely universal: devoted to application architecture, evaluations, working with requirements, customers, HTML / CSS / JS, virtualization, services, etc.


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    Drupal 8

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    Thank you all for reading. Until next time!

    If I missed something, just send the material to me in the mail.

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