Hackathon GAZ - how to touch the auto giant

    Hi, Habr! I live in Nizhny Novgorod, and who do not know, this is a city of IT companies and industry (well, almost). One of the most famous factories is the Gorky Automobile Plant, the one that gave the world Volga, Gulls, Victory, Gazelle, Shishiga, Katyusha ... Today it is an enterprise stuffed with IT technologies, industry achievements and powerful robots. And on October 20-21, 2018, there will be a cool, two-day free GAZ hackathon dedicated to BigData, production automation, and even HR processes.


    To participate in the competition, it is necessary to submit an application and register the idea of ​​your project in the chosen nomination:

    • “Big Data and telematics in the automotive industry” - modern cars accumulate important information in huge quantities. It needs to be stored, processed and interpreted. This is an amazing big data realm in M2M.
    • "Automation of production processes" - it is necessary that these processes are safe, verified and ensure the safety and manufacturability of the final product (cars).
    • “Modern technologies in HR” - well, not the same SAP. If you count how many people work at the plant and how many important personnel management criteria you need to take into account, it becomes clear that you cannot do without software: this is health, communications, and security, and accounting.

    You can register and must be on the site

    PS: I have no relation to GAZ and the hackathon, but I really want to support the IT specialists of our city and help talented guys find themselves. Therefore, all questions are not for me. The hub "I am promoting" only because of the link. You can ask me about work or life in Nizhny Novgorod :-)

    Hackathons - cool, go for them!

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